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The PICC Van

The Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter would have arrived without USA Inc interference!

This Dodge van is the first PICC modified vehicle in the world as unveiled at the WIREC 2008 convention held in Washington DC March 4-6, 2008

Dutchman Enterprises publicly introduces the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter technology

We want all concerned citizens to understand what it will take for us to solve your fuel economy problems and America’s as well. We have your answer, but having the technology is only one part of the solution. We reported at the WIREC event in DC as we pointed to the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter unveiling, “This is the most fuel efficient and least polluting vehicle in America, but it is illegal to run it on the highway!” The reason for that is that in order to install the PICC, we have to remove your existing factory catalytic converter and re-program the current emissions control system (your on-board computer).

If you modify the factory system that is called “tampering” and it is very, very illegal according to federal law. In order to legally modify low mileage and very polluting vehicles and make them high mileage and non polluting vehicles it will require either that the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter be accepted as a replacement for the existing catalytic converter or a new law be enacted and passed by the US Congress allowing our PICC emissions control system to be installed on vehicles. If the EPA would test our PICC, they could approve it as a replacement for the factory catalytic converter. We could then begin the distribution of the answer to America’s mobile energy problem. So, it is either up to the Environmental Protection Agency, the US Congress, or a significant number of you "We the People" to correct this situation.

The problem we face is that the EPA has totally ignored us, and our technologies, for years. We can only assume that is happening on behalf of big oil and car manufacturing interests. Not fully burning the fuel is obviously critical for fuel sales and using unburned fuel to destroy engines certainly drives new car sales. We have tried to get the EPA to evaluate our technology to no avail.

Those of you who have been following us for a while know that two years ago President Bush sent his energy advisor (who was in charge of finding alternative renewable energy devices) to our facility to spend the day with us. The question was; What could they do to help us? The President's advisor agreed to get the white house involved in sponsoring a presentation in DC in which they promised that the top officials of the EPA and the DOE would be present, as well as the major media, and they would get the EPA to test our technology.


When the Republicans lost the House and Senate that somehow jeopardized the presentation. A follow up visit to our facility with an advisor from ACORE (supposedly also sponsored by the white house) resulted in a run around that finally ended at the Pentagon. We will not deal with the military! Both of these Presidential advisors indicated that they were very impressed with our technologies.

Hearing of the largest renewable energy show in the world, the WIREC 2008 Event, hosted by the federal government, we invited ourselves to this event and introduced the very first PICC modified vehicle to the world. We discussed the process of the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter technology and offered to have the EPA test it. We encouraged those in the crowd to coerce, request, or other wise encourage the EPA to test our device.

Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter Process
Some of those who attended our presentations did try to get the EPA (who had a booth at the event) to respond. One mechanical engineer who was sure he could get them to respond was told by the EPA, that if we really wanted our technology to be tested all we needed to do was to form a relationship with the Ford Motor Company and Ford would certainly know how to get it tested. That just served to compound our skepticism. Why would we need a relationship with a major auto manufacturer just to get our world saving device tested?

We are filing all the forms and taking the usual route through the EPA approval process, but we are not hopeful that they will be motivated to expedite any testing on our behalf. We also met a lobbyist who is connected in Congress concerning renewable energy issues. She tells us we should get a congressional representative to champion our cause and have another private meeting with congress to which we will bring our technology for testing. We will test the PICC technology ourselves for them at that meeting, and they can also have any independent party they want present to test it as well.

When we make our clean air point to them, they can give us permission to take it on the highway and prove the fuel efficiency as well. We ran our engines on stationary dynamometer tests, so we already know how efficient they are. We have never been allowed to test the process under actual road conditions. To drive this on a public highway, otherwise, would be illegal and the punishment is severe ($250,000 per incident).

An updated explanation of the PICC process:

In order to show you how exciting this technology is we will explain even more of how it works beyond what was originally revealed in our promotional video. The following is the presentation of our Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter technology at the WIREC event.

Setting up the vehicle:

The complete PICC technology consists of a two-step process. The first step is to install the More Miles Per Gallon (MMPS) System (when available). As we explain the PICC process you will see why this first step is so important. So, first I will briefly explain the MMPG System technology. A combustion enhancer filled with water is hooked up to the battery and charged with a non caustic electrolyte. The electricity ionizes the water and the hydrogen and oxygen are separated. The monatomic hydrogen and oxygen is injected into the air intake and mixes with the fuel when it is burned.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has completed studies on how monatomic hydrogen can be used to increase the flame spread in the burn causing the fuel to burn more fully. The monatomic oxygen increases the octane level of the fuel, and makes a richer fuel. When fuel is enriched it can be “leaned out” and less is used for the same power output. In addition to using water gas for these purposes our MPG Booster formula is used to break the covalent bonds of the fuel and make it easier to burn. Gasoline is very complex molecularly and very compressed as a fuel.

HAFC Optimizer

A vapor boost uses the heat from the engine to help vaporize the fuel and magnets are used to also somewhat ionize the fuel. The whole process serves to get far more of the fuel burned than usual, and that improves mileage and decreases pollutants dramatically. The MMPG System process is currently legal, because the emissions control system and exhaust are not touched. We experienced an average increase in fuel economy of pretty close to double mileage in the first 24 vehicles we installed our MMPG system on.

The FIRST STEP in the process is to modify the car to the MMPG System technology (when available). Many of the smaller four cylinder vehicles have seen over 100 miles per gallon highway with the MMPG System alone and will actually save so much that it will not be worth upgrading them to the PICC. Now let us explain the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter and you will see how the two technologies fit together.

The Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter technology:

To install the PICC, the existing catalytic converter MUST come off. The PICC reactor is placed right where the catalytic converter was. For a great explanation of how the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter process turns ordinary fuel into plasma. Once the plasma has been made, we could inject that into the engine process and increase mileage, but the plasma exhaust would still emit pollutants in the form of NOX and we are environmentalists so we cannot allow that.

The next step of the process we have not discussed on our web site or on the video presentation is a major part of the total process. We have reported that our mileage test (from 20mpg to 180 mpg) on the stationary dynamometer under load conditions went from 18 pounds of fuel per hour to only two pounds of fuel per hour (nine times as efficient.) That has been difficult for some people to understand.

That would mean the standard process would have to have been inordinately inefficient. But, we are actually taking the regular gasoline that is formulated by the refiner and sold to the consumer and then, after we turn it into a plasma state, we inject the plasma into another double tank process that reforms the fuel. Ordinary gasoline burns at an efficiency of about 18% in its original concentrated, molecularly sophisticated, compact state. What we are doing is reforming the fuel into a different fuel that is methane, ethane, butane, propane, and even some pentane.

Even though the reformed fuel contains the same amount of molecules as what was in the regular gasoline, when it is reconfigured, it occupies a greater volume. We can turn one gallon of regular gas into three gallons of reformed fuel. That is 3 times as much fuel to burn in the engine for the same cost. But, it gets even better. This reformed fuel, unlike regular gasoline, burns at a different efficiency. It burns 50% efficient rather than 18% efficient. That is 2.5X as much energy from the burn.

There is ONE problem with this reformed fuel. It does not have a very good flame spread. That means that unless we can do something to increase the flame spread, it cannot be used efficiently. Remember the MMPG System technology installed as STEP #1? The monatomic hydrogen is used to increase the flame spread of fuel. When we add this to the reformed fuel, the new fuel can then be completely utilized. It now burns 60% efficient.

Here is the logic. If we have three times as much fuel for the same cost, and it all burns three times as efficiently, then we have a multiplier of 9 to one. That means the whole process would be as much as nine times as efficient! It burns so much cleaner that there will be NO NOX gases and NO CO gas. The air will be far cleaner. There still will be some carbon dioxide, but that is not the real bad guy. Now you know the rest of the story.

Our technology is not good news for everyone. Some of the big businesses in the energy industry will resist using our process to reform and burn the fuel to the advantage of the consumer and the environment. For some of these guys, they like the process the way it is. A cleaner burn means longer lasting engines and that means holding on to the car longer before trading up. There is no down side for the consumer, but there is one for the car manufacturers and the gas suppliers. It is time for consumers to speak up and get their representatives involved in really looking out for their interests. It is also time to support the companies that has the courage to confront all this resistance from big business and self-interests on your behalf.

You can start out right now by getting the MMPG System on order right away. It will prepare your vehicle for the ultimate revolution and, if you have a small car, it may be all you will ever need. We cannot upgrade your vehicle to the complete system until you have taken this first step. The MMPG System is legal and available right now. The minute you install the MMPG System, you are in line for a Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter upgrade quote.

We estimate it will cost an additional $3,000 to upgrade from an MMPG System to the PICC. But, can you imagine only paying another $3,000 to modify your vehicle to achieve over 100 miles per gallon average on all your driving? The average consumer drives 15,000 miles per year. That would mean a year’s worth of driving on 150 gallons of gasoline (about three gallons a week) no matter how big a vehicle you have! At $4 per gallon, that means an annual gasoline cost of $600 right now.

If you are currently averaging 25 mpg with your compact car (between city and highway driving this is pretty good), you are using 600 gallons of fuel (12 gallons a week) at a cost soon to be $4 per gallon or $2,400 per year. If you have a 6 cylinder vehicle you might be averaging more like 15 miles per gallon and getting away with 1,000 gallons a year. If you have a big SUV or Pickup you are probably not averaging much over ten miles per gallon for a usage of 1,500 gallons a year at a cost more like $6,000 a year!


Whatever your current fuel cost situation, imagine exchanging it for 150 gallons of gas a year! Tell me that would not be the best $4,000 (total) you ever invested into your choice of transportation? It sure beats buying a hybrid. We are also working on financing for the owner of any vehicle whereby the vehicle itself, is the collateral for the loan because the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter greatly improves the resell value of the vehicle.

We would appreciate having the opportunity to start our relationship with you by encouraging you to order the MMPG System right away. If you have not already ordered your MMPG System, there is no time like the present. They cannot keep us from their gates much longer and then this will go crazy.

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