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Please note; The new MMPG System has been discontinued.
Please DO NOT contact us for information, Thank You!

Technology products are on hold due to an agreement between Better World Technologies founder Dennis Lee & the FTC. That agreement expires in June of 2017.
For a brief explanation please view the Tech Update for April 13, 2012

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Frequently asked questions on our More Miles Per Gallon (MMPG) System

1) Will I have the same power with the MMPG System Kit installed?

Yes, you will actually experience increased power with the addition of our HHO gas (aka Brown's Gas) which has 5 times the energy potential of regular gasoline along with the octane boost to your fuel you will get with our patented gasoline "MPG Booster Covalizer"

2) Will the water in the fuel cell freeze?

No with our new Non Caustic Electrolyte you simply mix 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 1/2 and 1/2 with your distilled water before adding to the fuel cell reservoir. In non-freezing weather simply add distilled water without the alcohol.

3) Does the MMPG System technology yield the same proportional savings for city as for highway?

Yes, if you currently get 18 city and 22 highway and only achieve the guaranteed 50% increase you would than be at, or very close to, 27 city and 33 highway.

4) Will the MMPG System perform the same in cold and/or hot weather?

Our test results have shown even better mileage results in cold weather, most likely due to the fact your windows are all the way up and your air conditioning is off. In very hot climates it is recommended you check the water level in your fuel cell regularly, if not optimally charged it is more likely to froth up in hot weather conditions.\

5) Is it 100% legal? Can I still take my car across different states or to Canada/Mexico?

Yes, we are not modifying your engine or emission system in any way, we are conditioning the gasoline you are currently using and complementing the combustion process with an alternative fuel source. It is comparable to converting your vehicle to propane, which as far as we can determine, is legal in all 50 states and Canada. CARB or California Air Resources Board certification is pending. See also question 20 concerning tampering laws

6) Can I trust this technology for long trips?

You would exercise the same common sense you relayed on before the MMPG System addition. It is a good practice to never drop below 1/2 tank of fuel; the more air in your fuel tank creates more evaporation of your fuel vapors and therefore less fuel economy. More common sense tips on fuel economy are located on our Mileage Calculator page.

So we're looking for more mechanics / installers who would like to make money installing MMPG Systems. See the schedule of trainings that follow:

All trainings are 3 days in length and start at 9:00 AM.
They cost $500 unless the trainer tells you otherwise, since tuitions are determined by our independent trainers.
If you have a physical copy of your previous training certificate, you may be able to pay only $250 for the training, but be sure to check with the trainer to find out if they support this policy.

To register for one of these trainings send a message by going to

7) Will it in any way affect my catalytic converter or any other part of my engine?

Yes, it will extend the life of your existing catalytic converter by burning more of your fuel before being exhausted through your catalytic converter. The main cause for catalytic converter replacement is due to clogging by un burnt fuel. The MMPG System will also increase the life of your engine by cleaning out all the built up sludge from un burnt fuel.

8) How will the HHO gas affect the metal inner parts of my engine?

There is a certain amount of water in the gasoline you are using now and we have no control over that, our process does not introduce any water in liquid form into your engine. The water gas line has a dryer installed and this gas line should be introduced into your air intake system in front of the air cleaner to guard against any possibility of any remaining moisture entering into your engine.

9) Is it safe in case of an accident & will anything explosive or corrosive be exposed?

Our patented double fuel cell is wired into the same circuit as your fuel pump, fuel pump off = fuel cell off. Also the water gas is not explosive in it's pure form it is implosive; it only becomes explosive when mixed with your fuel inside the cylinders. In case of an improperly wired installation where the fuel cell does not shut off our water gas is lighter than air and would dissipate into the atmosphere.

10) If the MMPG System technology is so good, why doesn't it come standard with my car?

That is a question for the auto manufactures to answer. It is a well-known fact that vaporized fuel greatly increases fuel economy and reduces emissions. The History Channel did one of their Modern Marvel series on Gasoline that documents these facts very well.

11) If I sell my car can I take the MMPG System out and put it into my new one?

Yes, but why when you can get a much better price out of your old car with the increased fuel economy? There are used car dealerships modifying their inventory with our MMPG System technology now to offer a superior product over their competitors. For example say you are selling your '02 Honda Accord and there are 2 others in the classifieds, now if you could include 85 highway mpg in your ad, and document that fact, which of the 3 would sell first and for a higher price?

12) If I do get the 50% MPG increase (or more) but for some reason I don't want it, will you take it back?

No, we have performed our part of the transaction by providing you a product that attained or exceeding the advertised benefits in our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

13) Where can I see a working application in my area?

We do not give out our customer's information for obvious reasons, however we have an ever-growing list of trained mechanics all over North America and some foreign countries. Contact information for our closest certified mechanics will be supplied to our customers only, these folks are way to busy to answer questions. See also question # 34

14) Why are you selling these fuel technologies?

As a business to bring a high demand product to market and make a profit in doing so. As concerned Americans, the satisfaction of doing our part to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil sources and the emissions we all have to breath.

15) How long have you been selling the MMPG System and how many happy customers can vouch for it?

The technology was first introduced back in May of '07 as the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell for field-testing and we have come a long way since than. Our major obstacle has been in overcoming the ECM or Electronic Control Module (your on-board computer) especially on the newer vehicles. Everything included in the MMPG System has been on the market for years in various forms and with varying results excluding our exclusive "Mileage Improvement Tuning System".

What we have discovered is any device that is installed (or fuel additive) to increase your fuel economy by an average of 10% or more results in your ECM going into a default or full rich mode destroying any gains you may have achieved. Is this intentionally designed into the system by the auto manufactures? You decide, we believe so and have an abundance of evidence to prove exactly that.

16) How long can I expect my MMPG System to last?

The 1 year parts warranty covers you for any possibility of a defective part getting past our quality control measures. The MMPG System components are constructed and designed to last well past the expected lifetime of your vehicle.

Our patented double fuel cell design is of stainless steel construction with no moving parts in conjunction with an electrolyte solution reservoir of high impact plastic. If properly installed and charged and producing the correct amount of gas it is functioning properly.
The vaporizer is constructed of aluminum casting wrapped in permanent magnets and will not deteriorate over time. The only defect that could possibly occur with the vaporizer would be a thread problem on the fittings.

17) Will installing the More Miles Per Gallon System void my new car warranty?

Not unless they can prove a component of the system caused a failure.

US Code - Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301-2312 Legally, a vehicle manufacturer can not void the warranty on a vehicle due to an after-market part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle. If your vehicle manufacturer fails to honor emission/warranty claims, contact the EPA at (202) 260-2080 or If federal warranty protection is denied, contact the FTC at (202) 326-3128 or

18) What about state or federal emission system tampering laws?

The installation of the More Miles Per Gallon System does NOT involve the disassembly, assembly or removal of any components of your emission control system for the purpose of repair or replacement. We do not disassemble those components; we leave them right in place to function as the auto manufacture designed them.

19) Why don't you publish a list of your trained mechanics?

We are adding certified installation centers on a daily basis, graduating certified technicians via our, current as of 11-09, 13 factory training centers across the states, so the database is continuously growing. Our technicians have a business to run, fielding non-customer questions at all hours of the day and night does not pay their bills. If you are a mechanic, or know a mechanic interested in receiveing certification on the MMPG System please contact us at

20) How do you measure the before and after fuel economy results?

The Orange test outlined below compares oranges to oranges and is the only way to accurately measure your fuel economy.
Caution - DO NOT use your cruise control on wet or icy pavement!

Arrow Find a freeway (or non-congested stretch of highway) with at least three lanes going in both directions and an entrance and exit ramp on both sides (or a designated u-turn area). It should be the straightest and most level strip of roadway available to you. There must be a filling station at your chosen starting point.
Arrow Stop at your start point and fill-up your vehicle on the slow flow setting until it clicks off the first time (this could be anywhere from 90-95% of capacity depending on make & model but will be the same every-time with the same pump).
Arrow Travel at least twenty miles or more to a designated u-turn and head back to your starting point. Use cruise control to maintain a constant speed of 55, 65 or whatever mph in both directions.
Arrow Return to the filling station you filled up at and re-fill your vehicle at the same pump exactly as before.
Arrow The amount of fuel used to travel your chosen distance (must be a minimum of 40 miles or 65 kilometers) will determine your fuel economy under controlled highway conditions.
Arrow Divide the total distance traveled by the amount of fuel used to calculate your miles per gallon, miles per liter or kilometers per gallon/liter (or use our easy fuel economy calculator tool).

21) Will the MMPG System work in my diesel car?

No, not yet anyway, the MMPG System has not been properly researched for diesel engines, the current system is designed for gasoline engines only. A diesel version of our MMPG System technology is now in testing and if feasible will be introduced soon. While our diesel customers wait they may consider trying our new "Xtra Dielsel/Bio-Diesel" covalizer recently tested in an '05 Dodge pickup with a 5.7 liter Cummins engine, fuel efficiency improved from 19 clear up to 26 MPG. Diesel powered vehicle owners may still apply for a quote for the PICC, because that technology will be designed for diesel as well as gasoline engines. In fact, we believe we will be able to improve the mileage of 18 wheeler trucks by 4 or 5 times with the PICC technology.

22) What size fuel cell do we need for our vehicle?

All MMPG Systems are shipped with our patented double fuel cell, the amount of HHO gas production is controlled by the amount of our Non-Caustic Electrolyte (NCE) added to the system. The recommended amperage production of the cell is 1.7 amps per liter of engine size.

23) Do you have enough trained mechanics to get my MMPG System installed right away?

As of November '09 we have 15 Installation/Training Centers across America located in the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The plan is to have a Training Center in every state of the Union as well as every province in Canada as demand justifies. As these initial training centers certify mechanics to install the system in their own respective locations the network will grow to the point we will have someone close to you soon. To be kept informed on our progress you are welcome to subscribe to our Tech Updates

24) If proper “tuning” is the key to savings, how often do we need to have the system tuned?

Proper “tuning” is, indeed the key. The MMPG System comes with a year, make and model specific software disk that may only be applied to your system via a special computer interface, once that has been accomplished no futher tuning is needed.

25) Why buy the MMPG System now rather than just waiting for the PICC?

That would not be a very wise decision in that the MMPG System kit is a component part of the PICC package. The MMPG System alone is guaranteed to increase your fuel economy right now by at least 50% while the PICC upgrade for your model car is being perfected.

Many people with smaller 4 cylinder vehicles will discover that the MMPG System is efficient to the point that the extra cost to upgrade into the PICC will not be cost effective. In that case the whole thing was achieved with a system that cost somewhere around eighteen hundred dollars installed. We currently have around two dozen cars with the MMPG System portion that have increased their mileage, on our mileage test, of over one hundred miles per gallon! Why spend more on improving that? You may stop at the MMPG System and not even upgrade. It will your choice.

26) Is there anything else that the owner is required to do to maintain the system?

Yes, the gasoline that is going into you engine is in the form of a long chain molecule that is hard to burn completely. Those covalent bonds can be broken down to make that fuel burn faster and more completely. We have developed our special patented “MPG Booster Covalizer” that you carry in a 32 ounce flask with a convenient one ounce measuring compartment. Just squeeze out one ounce at a time up into the top chamber. It takes 1/2 ounce for every ten gallons of gas you put into your fuel tank. One 16 ounce container comes with your MMPG System and will treat 320 gallons of gasoline, additional is available directly through us at $19.95 each for singles. While this is an inconvenience, you will get use to it and it is a lot more inconvenient to work twice as hard to earn the money for the extra cost of your fuel.

27) What kind of mileage increase can I realistically expect?

That depends on a lot of different factors. The condition of your car has a lot to do with it. Has it been well maintained and serviced? We have had some makes and models that are the same, but some vehicles do better or worse. For example one V-8 F-150 Ford pickup was only able to achieve a 56% increase in mileage, while another one we installed went from 11 mpg highway to 33 mpg. The size or horsepower of your car seems to have a lot to do with it. Four cylinder vehicles almost always double mileage, while the bigger V-8s usually get more like a 60- 70% increase.

Of course the smaller increase means more to the owner of the bigger gas guzzlers, because it uses twice as much gas. What is better… all of a little or half of a lot? It all comes out pretty even, actually. We are absolutely guaranteeing you a 50% increase in mileage, but it should double. We have had a few vehicles that even our tuning specialists just were not able to get the increase. It is very rare, and we do not fully understand why. On the rare occasions we run into that we would rather just refund the money for the system including installation and accept the defeat.

28) If I don’t get an increase of 50% but I am pleased with my savings can I keep it?

The minimum savings guarantee is a benefit offered to our customers and it is completely the consumer’s decision whether or not to avail themselves of it. We are sure that if you only happened to achieve a 45% savings, most people (especially with large pick ups and SUVs) would still be ecstatic with that. The savings guarantee is there to absolutely assure all customers that we will at least meet or exceed that standard. The choice of enforcing it or not is entirely yours. You can be assured that we will cheerfully refund the cost of the system if it falls short of our pledge according to the terms of our "100% Satisfaction Guarantee".

29) Why should I purchase my MMPG System as soon as possible?

We believe that we are in the process of revolutionizing the entire automobile industry. What we have witnessed in our research on the PICC is more than exciting. We know that big business is always resistant to change. We are taking the challenge of growing sales and infrastructure over the next three or four months. The purpose is to set up the opportunity to force the acceptance of the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter beyond usual political temptations.

If we have upwards of 100,000 MMPG Systems to convert to the PICC, we have all we need to explode it onto the market. The car manufacturers are straining to get 35 miles per gallon with SUVs by the year 2020 and we can modify any SUV in America to get way more than twice that goal right away! Does that not change everything? We can have the manufacturing set up to meet that explosive growth, assuming a very successful MMPG System program. So, we are pushing hard to create and keep up with a fast growing market.

Shipping MUST operate on a “first come; first served” basis. To avoid any frustration from our customers, we have a plan to grow methodically. It is our hope that we will never fall behind in our goal of following through on orders within a few weeks time at most. But, think about it. The early bird gets the worm. If it goes crazy, as anyone should see it could, it could get harder and harder to keep within a few weeks of orders. And keep in mind the MMPG System is available for worldwide distribution, in some countries the price of gasoline NOW is over $6 a gallon. Every day you do not have our technology is just more wasted gasoline money and pollution!

30) Is there any government credits or incentives available to MMPG System owners?

We have not fully researched this for a definitive answer but provide the following web site for the US Department of Energy for your information:
Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center

31) Where can I find contact information of satisfied customers?

May we first ask you a question? Would you want to be inundated with calls from complete strangers wanting to know how your MMPG System is doing? That is why we have done something even better than giving out the private information of our customers (which will never be divulged without prior consent). We are offering you the best reference you could ever get… We are offering YOU as a reference for yourself. We are offering you the chance to try our MMPG System on your own vehicle. If it does not perform at the guaranteed level you can simply request our technician remove it. Who else guarantees a 50% improvement in fuel economy? No one except us, AND WE MEAN IT!

32) How does this MMPG System technology compare to other hybrid kits out there?

In the case of the hybrid concept you are taking the losses from having to use the brakes and stop or slow down the vehicle to power an alternator to charge a battery and store inertial energy that would otherwise have been lost. You take that potential energy from lost inertia and use it to create momentum. That is a great idea! Of course it works better in city driving with the stop and go scenario.

Is it worth the effort and the cost? That is the big question only you can answer. To modify a car into a hybrid after it has been manufactured, can cost $5,000 or more with the other hybrid kits that can be purchased. They average a return of an additional 8 or so miles per gallon. But, now there is another way, our MMPG System for now that will soon mature into our PICC technology for mind boggling fuel economy.

Does it make more sense to spend 5K or so on a hybrid kit to gain a possible 8 miles per gallon or to spend $1,200 ($1,840 including recommended install costs) on our MMPG System technology to increase your mileage by a guaranteed 50% or more? Of course, when the PICC is available, we believe all cars will get well over 100 miles per gallon and that the complete PICC modification (including the MMPG System) is not expected to be as expensive as the current so-called hybrid modification kits other vendors are currently offering.

33) How does this MMPG System compare to just buying a new hybrid car?

Hybrid car modifications are the first good fuel economy idea to come out of Detroit for more than two decades. The car manufacturers can more easily offer a hybrid version of any model (they control the computer). The price difference between a regular car and its hybrid equivalent vehicle can be substantial. For example, the Honda Civic EX costs $3,090 more for a combined mileage difference of 13 more miles per gallon for an average of 42 mpg.

It is much less than the cost of buying one of the other kits and modifying the vehicle after it has been manufactured. Of course we have a ‘07 Honda Civic that we have modified with our MMPG System. It currently gets 85 miles per gallon highway and a combined mileage of 59 miles per gallon rather than the 42 mpg of the manufactured hybrid. Our MMPG System costs less than half the difference in total to buy and install and is providing more than twice as much additional mileage. It should be easy to see the value of an MMPG System upgrade.

34) Has the MMPG System system been independently tested?

Yes of course! Our MMPG System has been independently dynamometer tested on 12 separate applications to date and this policy will continue to the point we feel it is unrealistic to justify the additional cost.

35) Can we install the MMPG System kit on a leased vehicle?

That depends on the contract that you signed with your leasing company. We suggest that you, or your legal counsel, review that document and determine what is stated concerning after market products. It, most likely, says nothing about this subject. If it states nothing about that, then we believe you will be fine, especially since the total MMPG System system can be removed at any time. When the MMPG System is removed, the car is immediately returned to its original condition. It would be like in the old days when the horse died, you just removed the saddle and put in our your next horse.

36) What happened to the electric car?

The electric car was the dumbest idea ever! They claim that electricity is “clean energy” and that is a HUGE lie! Well over half of all the electricity produced in this country is made from coal.

You take coal, the worst possible energy source that creates acid rain, and make the “clean” electricity from it, doing more damage to the environment than using gasoline in your car could ever do. Then send it over transmission lines with line loses of 10-15% and plug your electric car into the wall to charge a battery that is only 50% efficient.

It does not take a genius to understand that is not very smart. You start out with the most damaging agent possible and then get the inefficiencies of not only the power plant, but also the transmission lines, and the battery into the mix. It would be better for the environment if we just partially burned the gasoline in our stock engines. Electricity in cars “appears” to be “clean” energy, but in fact, is anything but “clean”.

37) Why buy an MMPG System when I know where to get a cheap hydrogen separator?

It is true there are cheap hydrogen separators available that will make a hydrogen fuel from water. That is a far different technology from our More Miles Per Gallon System. HHO gas is a combination of the hydrogen and oxygen from the water and makes the most unique and powerful gas yet known. Our associate originally worked with Yull Brown when he brought the water gas (aka Brown’s Gas) technology back from China in the 90s. We understand this technology like few others do and our unique, now patented, system is much more than just a HHO gas maker. We have blended the processes of vaporization, ionization, covalization (breaking down the covalent bonds of the fuel), and combining HHO to assist combustion and raise the octane level.

Assuming you are somehow able to find comparable components at an equivalent cost of our MMPG System, there is still a major problem remaining. Your factory on-board computer (ECM), working in conjunction with the emissions control system will detect fuel saving devices triggering the system into a default or “full rich” status. Our patented Mileage Improvement Tuning System (MITS) is only sold with a genuine MMPG System.

38) What size is the fuel cell and reservoir?

The fuel cell measures 5" X 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" in height and the reservoir is 4" in diameter X 9" in height including the fittings.

39) Does my vehicle need to be in good operating condition before installation?

YES! It is recommended you print out our vehicle check list to be completed by your local mechanic prior to making an appointment with a certified installation center to install your MMPG System.

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