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Better World Technologies Products Via The UCSA Co-Op

Authorized dealer for UCS of A Co-Op products

Please note; The new MMPG System is a 3 day training has been discontinued.
Please DO NOT contact us for information, Thank You!

Technology products are on hold due to an agreement between Better World Technologies founder Dennis Lee & the FTC. That agreement expires in June of 2017.
For a brief explanation please view the Tech Update for April 13, 2012

No Calls Please!

You can get certified as an MMPG System installer and start earning our recommended $640 per installation.

Also after getting certified yourself you may want to train other mechanics or installers, charging the recommend $500 per student for a 3 day training class.

The MITS makes it a cinch to get a 50% or greater mileage increase on your customer’s cars or trucks with the MMPG System installed.

The MMPG System you install is guaranteed to deliver a 50% or greater highway mileage increase.

It accomplishes this by:

1 Breaking the covalent bonds of the fuel in the gas tank with MPG Booster at a cost to the customer of only 5 cents per treated gallon.
2 Reducing the surface tension and lowering the boiling point of the fuel while adding heat to vaporize the fuel with the Magna Chamber.
3. Adding monatomic Water Gas (HHO) made by our MMPG Cell, and through the air intake to volatize the fuel.
4. Adjusting the computer to accommodate the fuel enhancements via a VIN Disc uploaded through a MITS, allowing for less fuel to be used at injection time

You and your customers can start saving approximately 1/3rd or more on gas while enjoying the benefits of increased power, reduced pollution, and extended engine life, by ordering now for any American or Asian, gas powered car and truck.

Our trained and certified installers are so confident that they can get 50% or greater highway mileage gains, that they're willing to bet the cost of the time it takes them to install and if necessary remove the system, in the unlikely condition that it can't be made to perform.

Besides the mileage increase, customers report smooth delivery of increased power from the volatizing effect of water gas with the fuel, and they've noticed that low octane fuel doesn't ping anymore since water gas effectively increased the octane!

Installations are being done now by installers in Hastings Michigan, Ogden Utah, Lakeland Florida, and Yorktown Virginia, with more locations soon to be coming online.

So we're looking for more mechanics / installers who would like to make money installing MMPG Systems. See the schedule of trainings that follow:

All trainings are 3 days in length and start at 9:00 AM.
They cost $500 unless the trainer tells you otherwise, since tuitions are determined by our independent trainers.
If you have a physical copy of your previous training certificate, you may be able to pay only $250 for the training, but be sure to check with the trainer to find out if they support this policy.

To register for one of these trainings send a message by going to

Florida (Lakeland) Cost is $500. (supports the $250 previous cert policy). Bring a notebook computer with an internal cd-rom drive to this class. Contact us today about this class as there are still some slots open.
Wednesday December 16th - 18th

Michigan (Hastings) Costs $500. (supports the $250 previous cert policy) Buy your MITS for $399.95 from Wings and pick it up at the training. Training classes in Hastings will be happening weekly.
Monday Dec 21st - 23rd
Monday Dec 28th - 30th
Tuesday Jan 5th - 7th
Tuesday Jan 19th - 21st

Virginia (Yorktown) Cost $500 (supports the $250 previous cert policy)
Just completed - call or contact us for the next date

Utah (Ogden) Utah Cost $500 (supports the $250 previous cert policy)
Just completed - call or contact us for the next date

New Jersey (Oak Ridge)
Monday Dec 16th - 18th

Texas (Austin)
Classes scheduled as needed, this facility charges $1,000 for training

HAFC Install Tech

An Installer mechanic is suggested to charge $400 to install the HAFC. After gaining proficiency the mechanic should be able to install an HAFC within four hours or less. Every HAFC must still be tuned by a Tuner to achieve maximum mileage and to validate our savings warrantee. The customer will pay the Tuner a suggested $100, and the time required will be as little as 15 minutes and to an hour (depending on experience).

An Installer who installs just one HAFC per day, at $400 each, will gross $2,000 per 5-day week. The mechanics contract agreement between the Installer and the sponsor UCSA Dealer enables the Installer to also buy HAFC's at wholesale. The mechanic will buy the kit for $900 including shipping direct from their dealer (suggested retail is $1,200). A mechanic who sells and installs one HAFC per day during a 5-day week now earns $400 + $150 = $550 per day or $2,750 per week at suggested rates.

As mechanics install more units they will require less time per installation enabling them to install up to 10 or more per week. As more customers experience their HAFC's performance, word will spread as will the sales. The market is vast and reaching saturation will take years. The potential exists for one Installer mechanic to both sell and install 10 units or more per week and gross $5,500+ per week. The market is obviously projected to expand and, of course, the mechanic can work at their own pace and their own hours.

Trainer Mechanics:

A Trainer mechanic can do everything that an Installer can do plus conduct classes to teach other mechanics to become Installers. The Trainer mechanic will charge $500 per student for a class to run about 16 hours. Mechanics who only want to be Installers will not require the full course at $1,000 and could take an Installer course for a suggested $500 fee. A class would typically have 6-10 students and the Trainer would gross $3,000 to $5,000 for a two day class.

If the Trainer taught two classes per week the gross could be $6,000 to $10,000. A fee of $75 per student, deducted from the $500 tuition, is paid to Dutchman Enterprises which developed the technology, created the courses, provides support and monitors the performance of all certified mechanics. The Trainer would then net $425 from each student. When not engaged in training, as his first priority, the Trainer is free to install HAFC's and is always free to market our fuel technologies to the public through their sponsor Dutchman Inc. distributor.

Tuner Mechanics:

The prime function for a Tuner is to tune the HAFC to get maximum mileage after it has been installed. The Tuner will have access to a special tool called an Ammo Box for a projected cost of $75 - $85. This will enable the Tuner to accurately tune the HAFC in a relatively short period of time. The customer will pay the Tuner a suggested $100 to tune the HAFC and it should take an hour or less.

The number of students in a class would depend on how many could be given sufficient attention by the instructor who will set the class limit. When not engaged in tuning, as his first priority, the Tuner is free to teach classes, to install kits and to market our fuel technologies to the public through their sponsor Dutchman Inc. distributor.

The only current option available now for certification as a Teacher is to attend the live training at the Dutchman facility in New Jersey. Our certified teachers do hold 2 day installer courses at various times and locations across the country however the only certification available from attending a teacher session is as an "Installer".

Live, in person training at our Newfoundland, New Jersey facility:

am on the 25th of June 2007 at the New Jersey facility, to certify mechanics as trainers for other mechanics in their own local areas. The initial training session will be for 5 days with the 5th day being optional and cover the complete installation of the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell and the concepts behind the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter technology. Once the PICC is released the mechanics will be invited back (no further training cost) for additional training on all the ins and outs of understanding and installing the PICC and receive their final certification on both technologies.

New Jersey Traing

Students who successfully complete the training, at any level or option available, will be certified and registered at their level of expertise, with Dutchman. Additional support is accessible online at That site contains the entire Installation Manual in PDF format for downloading. It also contains an ever evolving list of frequently asked questions and answers. Certified mechanics will also be given a password to access the “mechanics area” to obtain individual assistance with technical questions. The mechanic's telephone hotline for mechanics only is held on Monday from 7-9 PM at 646-519-5860 PIN required is 5860# and again on Thursday from 3-4 PM at 712-432-1100, PIN required is 126599# (All times Eastern). The cost of the live training also includes the DVD series described below. To register or enquire as to class schedules please contact us.

View the Training Series DVDs:

Not sure if you want to take the time and expense necessary to attend the live training in New Jersey? For a one hundred dollar refundable deposit you may order and review our full 6 DVD training series which will provide all the instruction necessary to properly install and tune our HAFC system. You may keep the DVDs, use the $100.00 discount coupon you will receive on either the purchase of a kit or toward the $1,000 cost of the live training at the Dutchman facility in New Jersey. For answers to your questions you may contact LTD.

The official Public debut of our fuel technologies

Will be held at a major renewable energy conference:

Visit and read, "The U.S. Department of State will host the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference ( at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC on March 4-6, 2008, assisted by the American Council On Renewable Energy".

See also: "Anticipated To Be The Largest Business Conference and Exposition ever held on renewable energy in the U.S." The company has secured a booth to display (between BP [British Petroleum] & Exxon) our two technologies installed on two cars.

Car #1 with the HAFC technology:

Will be a 2007 Mazda that is modified to get over 100 mpg. The company is now in the process of obtaining CARB Certification (California Air Resources Board) to confirm that it produces exceptionally low emissions and certified as an approved after-market product.

Car #2 with the PICC technology:

Will be a large SUV that has been modified to get about 100 mpg, which translates to an amazing mileage increase of about four fold. The Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter technology will be first introduced at the WIREC conference.

This energy conference will announce a complete and total revolution in the automotive industry, and you now have the opportunity to be a key player in this revolution!

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