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Why purchase any costly supplements when the HALO photonic-botanical systems will deliver all the nutrients & botanicals your body requires to the cellular level at the speed of light???
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HALO photonic-botanical systems, LifeTime electrostatic air filters, Takara detoxification foot patches & Better World Technologies products

Better World Technologies Products Via The UCSA Co-Op

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Our Free Look Materials, Seeing is Believing! (OUT OF STOCK)

Our Public Awareness Campaign

We believe so strongly in the importance of this information and the impact it has for you, that we have made the above materials available on a "Free Look" basis. You don't have to buy or rent anything! We will send you the videos (approximately 3 hours), and the books to prove it to you. All you have to do is secure the materials until they are returned. After reviewing our materials for two weeks, we want you to decide. If you don't believe, initiate a return of our kit and we'll return your security, check un-cashed (or credit card refunded). If you do believe, then forfeit your security, keep the materials, and make your own "Declaration of Energy Independence" with a chance to get your own free electricity system.

To get a "Free Look" at this technology, you can send us a check or money order to hold, or secure the return of these materials on your credit card. We will not cash your check or money order (cards will be validated and refunded upon return of materials) until the two week "free look" is over and you have decided to return our kit or keep it. If you initiate the return of the materials, we will refund your credit card, or we will return any checks or money order payments made. The look will not cost you one cent! We even pay the postage! We encourage you to bring these materials to any qualified technical person of your choice to review the scientific principles presented.

Not Too Good To Be True... Too Good To Be Ignored!

  • Run a regular car engine on water, C02, Nitrogen or heat, even at night!
  • Welding and cutting steel with a torch that burns water - Brown's Gas!
  • Cooling without using any refrigerant at all!
  • The world's most efficient heat pump - 12:1 efficiency!
  • Ezekial wheel pump one horsepower by hand!
  • Heat paint to keep snow off the driveway!
  • A nine volt battery can power a one horsepower motor!
  • Tap into gravity to double the torque of any machine!
  • Superior Home - Maintenance - free low cost housing that lasts 2000 years!
  • Fresh water taken right out of the ocean, (with no operating costs to make it)!
  • Power Controller reduces electricity of all inductive motors as much as 45%!
  • Neutralize radioactive materials, (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) medical or industrial waste!
  • Hydraulic motors to power trucks, trains, etc. on air!
  • World's most efficient thermal storage device!
  • Medical laser camera to see right into the human body and video skeletons or organs!
  • Agriculture product that eliminates pesticides - Soni-Grow, (corn 16 feet tall, 500 tomatoes on one plant)!
  • Fire Barrier, (time to escape a fire)!
  • See 4 ways to make free electricity, (including the new engine that operates in a closed loop with no external condenser). It is the most efficient engine cycle in the world!
  • See why we claim perpetual motion is entirely possible!

Some of the scientists who have worked on this project:

  • Designer of the modern submarine hull
  • Prior Superintendent of 747 Mfg. Plant
  • Designer of tracking systems for NASA
  • Prior Chief Research Eng. for Batelle
  • Ex-Manager of 12 electric power plants
  • Expert on internal combustion engines
  • Renowned Dr. of Electrical Engineering
  • Various engineers, machinists, etc.
  • Expert on Tesla's research from 30 year study of Tesla's work

We have documents to support our claims from public testimony of experts and tests from certified test labs to filed reports and customer letters.

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