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Nikola Tesla

Introducing The International Tesla Electric Company - Utility Company of Better World Technologies
Information Only - Program On Indefinite Hold

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Free, safe, clean alternative power for life!

No, this offer is not something for nothing, too good to be true, or a joke, we are dead serious. In exchange for the use of your location and your grid access, ITEC will gladly supply your electricity needs. This is barter, you get what you want and we get what we want.

The equipment is expected to produce 30 kWh each and every hour 24/7, an average all electric home at peak demand will only use about 2 kilo watts of the electricity produced. ITEC will sell the excess electricity back to your local utility through your grid connection.

If the grid goes down, not a problem for you, your lights will still be on and your appliances (fridge, freezer, a/c, etc.) will remain fully operational. The equipment will adjust down to meet only your electricity needs, and ITEC will be temporally out of business at your location.

Major Benefits To You:
  • Uninterrupted supply of free electricity
  • Eliminate a major monthly expense (electric bill)
  • Convert everything to electric for free heating, cooling and hot water
  • Peace of mind (no rolling black outs)
  • Environmentally sound (no fossil fuel emissions)
  • Very minimal noise (like your existing a/c compressor)
  • Maintain your comfort level (dollars no longer dictate the thermostat setting)
  • Eliminate dependence on foreign oil
The ITEC's Free Electricity Program

All households and Churches registered with ITEC's Free Electricity program will receive an allotment of 26,000 kWh per year, which is just under 2,167 kilowatt-hours per month. If you do a check of your electric bill, you will discover that allotment is more than adequate for the majority of homes.

If you do have a rather large home and family or Church building, and you use more than the 26,000 kWh, any additional usage will be billed at the same price we sell power to the electric company. You will be paying wholesale, not retail, and only for your usage above your allotment!

This state of the art motor and generator will be based upon permanent magnet technology. We expect the production model will be totally enclosed, approximately 3 feet square and relatively quiet (like your existing a/c compressor when running).

The generator may either be installed indoors or out, preferably as close to your existing meter as possible. There will be no heat exchanger, no exhaust, no pollution, and no operating cost. There is a picture of the Sundance generator on site.

Local electricians in your area will be called upon to install the equipment along with any government permits that may be required. A double throw switch will be installed in case of equipment downtime. If the generator should ever fail, you may switch back to your local electrical supplier at any time. ITEC will even pay your power usage until repairs can be made.

The generator will not be free; the electricity will be, up to 26,000 kWh per year. ITEC will retain ownership of all the equipment and will cover all costs associated in installing and maintaining the system. If you change locations after your system is installed, you would be responsible for relocating the equipment (6-8 hours of a local electricians time).

This program is available only to homeowners and renters located in the US or Canada (renters will need written permission from the property owner prior to installation).

If for some reason ITEC is unable to install a generator at your location (local government, utility or property owner, etc.), this will not be a problem for you. All folks who have legitimately registered for this program will get their electricity for free when we are successful in bringing this technology to market. ITEC will simply install the equipment in another location and pay your electric bill up to the 26,000 kWh per year.

Before bringing this technology forth to the American and Canadian people we need to reach critical mass in public awareness, which number has been set by the company at 1.6 million witnesses. All registrants (witnesses) will be required to attend a initial installation in their area on launch day, if unable to attend a representative with notarized authorization may fulfill this one and only obligation.

The company will bring forth our technology once we obtain 1.6 million registrants willing to witness the event. For a description of the planned launch, please see the "Our Solution" section below.
Who Are You Guys?

There are three companies involved; Better World Technologies (BWT) is the research and development company, United Community Services of America Co-Op is the dealer network through which the products and services are distributed to the public and, the International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) will be our utility for electricity production and distribution.

Too Good to be True?

Remember back when all the so-called experts proclaimed the world was flat? Did Columbus drop over the side into a big void? No, he discovered America? How about the Wright brothers? Did you know they were flying for 5 years before the President of the United States, under pressure, arranged for a demonstration at Kitty Hawk?

The whole time all the so-called experts were declaring that heavier than air flight was impossible! People once thought it was absurd to talk long distance over wires, now we do not even need the wires. Is the same possible for electricity transmission? Nikola Tesla proved it 6 decades ago! The list goes on and on folks. We know that all things are possible through our Creator.

If you would like more information on who and what we are and our current product line, take a look at our Free Look offer. The "Free Look" includes a public demonstration of the Sundance Generator of July 2000, a video of the current product line demonstrated, a video of ongoing products under research at Better World Technologies, 12 hours of video on CD ROM, 300 pages of documentation including a copy of "The Alternative", a full color catalog, and of course a registration certificate for your own generator.

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE You have 2 weeks to review the materials provided. You may either support us by keeping the materials and forfeiting your $ 100.00 security, or return the materials to UCSA (we even pay the return postage). Complete details of the offer on the "Free Look" page.

Entrenched Interests:

Obviously there are some major big money interests that like things just the way they are. How about the current energy crunch in California, with the daily media warnings the problem could spread throughout the country? Is there really a electricity shortage, or is the real power behind the scenes just bilking the good old consumer cash cow again? Are they aware of this technology? You bet they are! Are they going to try and stop us? Anyway they can!

Our Solution:

Obtain a critical mass of public support, 1.6 million witnesses worth of public support throughout North America. That is the goal we must achieve before we launch. Upon accomplishing that goal, demonstrations will be held in major sports stadiums and public meeting places all across the country. Every household registered with this program will receive notification of the installation nearest them. Officials at ITEC believe that an event of this magnitude will be impossible to ignore or discredit.

Registrants located in the States of Maine, Idaho & Vermont will be required to travel to an adjacent state to fulfill their witness obligation at the public demonstrations.

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