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FAQ's concerning ITEC's Free Electricity Program

Information Only - Program On Indefinite Hold

Why 1.6 million registered homeowners before launch?

That is just 1/10th of the total number of 30 kWh generators needed to supply the electric needs of the entire United States of America. ITEC officials calculate we can produce and install 16 million generators with in five years of launch, eliminating the need for nuclear, coal or gas fired turbines period. See the information "This must be a scam" below for further illumination on this point.

What will happen once ITEC reaches its 1.6 million goal?

Demonstrations will be held in major sports stadiums and public meeting places all across the country. Again, this can not and will not happen without the public's support, 1.6 million worth of public support.

Tesla wanted his country men to have free power back in the forties. JP Morgan and Thomas Edison had a better idea, an idea we are all still paying through the nose for now! Do you want to keep financing the likes of JP Morgan and Thomas Edison right into their plan of a New World Odor? Or would you prefer a Better World, a world where freedom really means something again and America shakes off her Democratic (mob rule) chains and regains her Republican liberty.

Yes, this country was founded as a Republic. Have you ever pledged your allegiance to the democracy for which she stands? The public fool system in this country is a whole other subject!

It's too good to be true!

The offer is to give you your electricity for free in exchange for the ability to use your access to "The Grid" is not something for nothing. If we can put a smaller, state of the art, electric generator on your home to produce enough power for several homes, then we can make money sending the excess electricity back over "The Grid". We can make enough selling the excess electricity that we will be willing to provide all the hardware and let you have the electricity you need for your home in exchange for allowing us to use your property and grid access. This is a barter. You give us what we want, and we give you what you want.
This must be a scam!

Con men usually run a con over a short period of time. They move in, hit hard, and pull out with your money before you have a chance to start thinking about it. In 1985 this free electricity program started because of the way the electric companies lied about our super heat pump. I (Dennis Lee) wrote a book with the entire history in it. You may get a copy of The Alternative and read and research it all for yourself.

In 1989 I proved in a court of law, under criminal charges of fraud, that we really can take energy from the air and make free electricity. All of the criminal charges were dismissed! They don't do that if they are convinced they can win. The media did ignore this fact and much misconduct on the part of the Sheriff's Office.

In 1993 I was forced to go back to California to court over a civil code issue (not filling out a form). I had no trial before a jury of my peers, and I had not been, nor have I, to this day, ever been convicted of that civil code misdemeanor. Despite that, the court ordered me placed in prison without a trial and without a conviction of any type. That really did happen right here in the good ol' USA! The documentation contained in The Alternative will prove that.

We appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court and the State of California refused to even deny my accusations 96 days after they were filed. In an unprecedented action, the Supreme Court ignored the rules of law and ordered the State of California to respond to my petition 60 days after their deadline to respond had expired. That has never happened to anyone else before in US history!

When California responded as they were ordered, the Supreme Court stated they did not have time to settle a little civil code dispute they had demanded into existence, and allowed the State of California to kidnap me and put me in prison without any form of conviction! I spent two years in prison without anyone ever proving I had committed the civil code infraction. I got out in 1995. By early 1996, we had rebuilt our national network and did a national tour. We concluded the tour with a show for the entire US Government in Washington D. C. on March 5, 1996!
This is a very weird way for a man to behave who had just been in prison for supposedly doing the same thing he was demonstrating for them. We invited all of the following to our presentation: the entire Executive Branch of government, all members of the US Supreme Court, all Law Enforcement Agencies, all the way up to the US Attorney General, the CIA, FBI, and even the Federal Reserve (who is not a government agency but likes to act like one and most likely controls all of them). We also sent gold engraved invitations to every US Senator and every member of the House of Representatives.

We did this private show just for government, where it would be especially convenient for them to attend, at a train station right by the Capitol, at a cost to us of $ 40,000! Every member of Congress that did not attend in person, received and signed for a video copy of the show we gave for them within one week of that presentation.

This is a very strange way for a con man to behave indeed. We were contacted by the Congressional Energy Committee representatives. We informed them that we have technology to bankrupt the utilities and collapse the infrastructure of the entire USA. We had no desire to do that, but we wanted to converse with them about deregulating the electric companies and giving independent produces of power access to "The Grid".

I told them that we would give them until July of that year to meet with us or we would just go do what we had to do. I was told I could not threaten the US Congress. I told them that I was only making our intentions clear.

On July 19, 1996 (without having met with us at all) the Congress passed legislation to deregulate the electric companies and that act gave us everything we had asked them for. Coincidence? Do con men do that?

We went about our business developing our technologies. We refused to tell anyone when we would be ready. We never gave anyone a date (until July of '02 the date of 12/28/02 was announced), so claims that we have missed our dates several times are absolute lies! We were actually ready with a different technology at the end of 1996 (the Fischer Engine), and the inventor of that technology went on vacation to Texas and never returned.

We had to bring out a second technology for producing free electricity. It was close enough to prove our point by the end of 1999. On September 17th we announced a nationwide tour with a full page ad on page 15 of the USA Today national newspaper. It was hardly the low keyed event of a scam. It was out front and as loud a challenge for law enforcement and big business advocates to attend the tour as anyone could make.
We announced that we were going to take over electric production in the entire country. No con would ever be so brazen! Not only did the huge headline challenge the authorities, but the whole ad put out a challenge to the scientific community of this country. In paragraph four it read: "Bring your own test meters and measure the devices for yourselves!" What con man would do this? A con would hide it all in a box and not let anyone near it with test instruments.

The ad announced 45 locations for 47 shows to happen across the entire nation over a 60 day period. There was plenty of time for doubters and skeptics to prepare to come and debunk our claims. There was lots of time for law enforcement to get ready to arrest us for making false claims and bring their experts in with devices to prove this was a fraud.

Admittedly several, if not all shows were attended by law enforcement officials. At some of the shows uniformed cops were in attendance. Several plain clothes cops came up to us and showed their badges. We were informed by several Attorney Generals that if we came to their states we would be arrested, but we did every single show.
At every show we demonstrated a motor that took four hundred watts of power from DC batteries and put out three horsepower of mechanical energy (2,300 watts). We invited people to bring their AC and DC meters, their own scopes, their own dynamometers, scientists came and measured and measured. There was not one time they came on stage to challenge us, though they were welcome to do so.

Could a con man have performed such a show if it was a scam? Did we not give the scientists and public officials ample opportunity to disprove our claims? We just insisted it be done in public so they could be held liable for their testing as we were. They could not test in private and use the gullibility of the public to trust their integrity. The last time we proved this in a court of law, it destroyed our business and it has taken a full decade to rebuild. We would be pretty stupid to be bitten by that same snake again.

Does anybody really have any doubts of our sincerity after this evidence? As if this is not enough proof of it, just look at the offer we are currently making. We are not taking large deposits we can skip out with, we are offering people to sign up for free to have a free electricity generator actually placed on their own homes at some time in the near future.

We are merely seeking to locate a large number of witnesses for an even more impressive public demonstration. We want to get 1,600,000 people signed up and then deliver at least 100 units to homes in this country (two per state) and invite 16,000 people to come and be a witness at each of these locations.

Our intent is to turn these 100 units on at the exact same time, on the very same day, and disconnect these 100 homes from the electric grid. The 16,000 witnesses at each location will see the lights still on and all else that uses electricity being fully powered, as well as some search lights on the front lawns of these homes. We believe that the people who use their power and riches to stop people like us will not be able to keep this event under wraps.

The plan as out lined above has been changed to sports stadiums and other large public gathering places able to accommodate the needs of such a large group of people.

We will then start mass producing these generators as fast as we can to put enough of them on the homes of this country to take over all electric production for the entire country. Without any need for nuclear, coal fired, or fossil fuel plants what so ever! It will take 16 million of them according to our calculations, and we think we can achieve that in five years.

This is a reasonable manner for a business to be proceeding, but if you know anything about a con, this has to be the dumbest one you ever heard of. Why sign people up for free? Our dealers are using this to make some sort of business happen to cover their advertising and promotional costs.

Whatever the person has to do to get signed up is their total risk! So they buy a product (any product offered on or make a small donation to "His Covenant Ministries". What does a person have to gain? The possibility of all the energy they could use to heat, cool and electrify their home for the rest of their life! What do they have to lose?

I know a technical guy who tells me this is impossible!

When you ask a scientist whether or not it is possible to make free electricity, you are merely asking him or her whether or not he or she knows how to do it. You should expect that the answer would be "No, it is impossible". If they knew how to do it they would be doing it, right? Of course it seems impossible to them. Just like the earth seemed flat, flying seemed impossible, talking over great distances over a wire seemed ridiculous, later talking without any wires at all seemed ridiculous to people, even after they got used to doing it over wires.
Everything that has not been done seems impossible to the experts who have not done it. But, ask those smart guys the right question. Ask them, "If" a person conclusively demonstrated a permanent motor that took only 400 watts of power from a set of batteries to run, and they could measure an output from that motor of 2300 watts of mechanical energy, could they imagine a way to use such a motor to make free electricity? State it as a hypothetical, and watch them tell you that they could make free electricity with it - if such a motor existed; but there is no such motor, and a motor like that is impossible to make.

Then ask them where they were between September 17th and November 15th of 1999 (Hummingbird Motor demonstrations) and July 21st to December 28th of 2001 (Sundance Generator demonstrations). They could have come and done what no scientist in this country did; they could have proven our motor was not doing what all those who attended witnessed (in '99 and lots of people measured) it doing (and in '01 our Sundance generator at 98% efficient)!

How do you know this is a true statement? We were not arrested on the 1999 tour (Dennis was arrested in Kentucky on the 2001 tour in his hotel room before the demonstrations). I am sure there would have been a lot of Attorney Generals who would have been very appreciative of a person's advisor if they had been able to show that what we claimed was not really happening! Any purported scientist or "expert" who tells you that even if you had that motor (not to mention the second half of the equation, the "Sundance") it would be impossible to make free electricity is not very astute. We will be glad to debate him or her anytime publicly!
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