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For Those That Have Ears to Hear by Dennis Lee and his wife Alison

Information Only - Program On Indefinite Hold

To our Christian brothers and sisters whom have ears to hear and eyes to see...

Who is a man (or woman) of God? What does he (or she) look like? Is he (or she) someone who is appealing to the senses and easy to look at? Soft spoken? Carries a positive message? Is successful? Does Jeremiah fit that description? How about John the Baptist? Or the Apostle Paul? How does someone recognize a man (or woman) of God? How about a prophet? Is a prophet of God easy to entreat? Does he (or she) speak words we welcome? Is it easy to believe what a prophet says? Jeremiah typifies the plight of a prophet with a message from God. He was not welcomed nor is his message easily received by those who seek another outcome. When Jeremiah prophesied the word of God to Israel he met continued resistance. Is a message from God always easy to recognize? Was Jesus' message easy to recognize for the Hebrews? How often is God's message hard to believe? Isn't salvation "too good to be true?" Is God's prophet more likely to be scorned by the world or loved by it? How important is it for the church to heed a message delivered by a man professing Jesus Christ is Lord and that he was sent by God Almighty?

He is often alone and unknown even to his own people. I sometimes wonder if Christ returned tomorrow whether or not the Christians would recognize him. I am a man after God's heart. The pain and suffering my wife and I have endured has not been as great as that of our Lord, but it very closely resembles the life and times of the Apostle Paul. To borrow a line from a movie... "The odds that a man is right rise in direct proportion to how hard the world is trying to prove him wrong."
It is difficult to determine who is and is not sent by God by looking only at worldly appearances. It is, however, crucial that a serious effort be made to discern accurately any message claimed to be from God. In that light, I offer our credentials to you? I have been kicked by, run over by, dragged behind, and thrown off of everything possible to encounter in this society. The world does not love me. God gave my wife and I a vision almost 30 years ago when we accepted Christ. That vision is yet unfolding. We have had faith in it happening for three decades. We received our vision in Israel on top of Mount Moses in the Sinai desert. It was accompanied by signs. Our, then bankrupt company, United Community Services of America, was to be the instrument to fund the greatest Christian outreach in contemporary times.

Our broke company was to be our provision to launch this. When one of our party (with a master's degree in business) asked God for confirmation of the word delivered, a cloud formed on the horizon from a clear and cloudless sky and moved deliberately to the mountain we sat atop and we were engulfed in that cloud while all the colors of a rainbow shot through it. Then it moved back to the horizon and disappeared. This brother (thirty years later) works for UCSA today. Shortly before our experience in Israel, a well known evangelist and prophet, prophesied that we would tip the financial world upside down and change the economy of the country and the world and it had something to do with energy. Our walk has been filled with miracles, lessons and character shaping. The lessons have been painful, but educational.

In the pursuit of this vision I have experienced the following facts (note each fact is an hour to discuss, this is offered as points to be brief)

Before accepting Jesus as my savior, I was arrested dozens of times and had been convicted (the only time in my life) for writing bad checks when, in 1974, the oil crisis wiped out my construction business. I may, soon, get the chance to return that sentiment.

Immediately upon returning from the Israel, I was paralyzed from the neck down for 2 years (from which I recovered miraculously). This taught me great patience and dependence on the Lord.

God's direction led me into the energy business and His revelation and guidance led me to develop the most efficient heat pump that has ever been developed. It was three times as efficient as anything the large corporations like GE, Borg Warner, Carrier, Trane, or any other heat pump manufacturer had. Yet, I had no formal training on refrigeration. Within 8 months I was worth 50 million dollars. The big boys did not like that at all. The electric company funded conventional heat pumps for people, and had government officials try to stop mine. Mine saved too much energy, and could have cost them billions in lost sales.

Among the dirty tricks they used to stop me was an investigation by the Washington State Attorney General's Office. In order to protect my customers so they would not be hurt by the timing of this, I made a deal with the Attorney General's Office, which they violated. Our offices were broken into and our files stolen. We later found those stolen files in the AG's office. It was an invaluable lesson in the liaison of politics and Big Business (this, and most of what follows is all documented in The Alternative).

During this time someone hired hit men to kill me and tried three times, unsuccessfully. The Lord's protection was over me.

A lady who worked for me in shipping was killed and her 7 year old daughter discovered her body with her brains splattered all over the walls of her room. The man we could prove was responsible was never even arrested. In an act of faith and prophesy, I declared war with the utilities in Washington and vowed some day to put them out of business.
After all of their dirty tricks did not stop me or put me out of business, my public business was stolen from me in a stockholder's meeting where I was not allowed to vote my 94% of the stock in the company. The SEC was present and allowed it to transpire. I was kicked out of my own factory and walked away penniless because I would not back down from God's Will for me to compete with the electric companies in the Pacific Northwest. It cost me tens of millions of dollars to make that stand.

But God had said go, and that He would make a way. I left and never looked back.

God opened doors for me in Boston, and there in a dream God revealed to me how to use the heat pump I had developed to make free electricity. He also showed me how to turn the business world upside down. I thought it was just like God to provide a way of salvation for me that would mean destruction for my opposition.

I began the war in earnest and advertised the free electricity project nationwide.

We raised millions of dollars for free energy research selling my heat pump plans.

We later converted people who bought those plans to dealers in the current project.

As a result of my advertising, numerous inventors were drawn to the project. We worked on researching, developing and building free energy technologies. We ultimately moved to Ventura, California to be close to a world class scientist who was unwilling to move east.

I opened a research office there and hired very talented engineers, machinists and scientists (including the father of the Boeing 747 airplane as my Chief Manufacturing Engineer.)

In California, I met Doctor Fischer who had invented the Fischer Engine Cycle (which is the most efficient engine process ever built). Combined with my heat pump it could be used to make free electricity. It was the most promising of the free energy technologies.

We built the Fischer Engine and intended to demonstrate it in Ventura California in 1988, when I was arrested at a public meeting for free electricity with 600 people there to witness the technology. I was charged with criminal fraud (exposed to 40 years in prison) and a civil registration violation. Once again the world system was coming against me with all of its abusive power.
My technology and all of the demonstration models we had worked on were taken for private testing. I never knew where they took it all.

I went to jail on a million dollar bail and my world class scientists were threatened by the Sheriff not to testify on my behalf. One ran away to Germany when they told him they would kill his family if he came to court. The rest scattered in all directions (Reminiscent of Peter denying Christ) leaving me defenseless (except, of course, for God.)

Eventually my chief scientist overcame his fear and came to court as did a dozen witnesses who had been threatened. This courageous act reversed the situation.

I went from a million dollar bail to no bail, then from bondage to freedom, and from the front page to no page when all the criminal charges were dismissed. We got the chance to PROVE in a court that we could make free electricity.

Like my Lord, I went on trial before the courts of men, but God had another idea and we put them on trial. By miraculous intervention we got the chance to prove in a court of law that we could make free electricity. All criminal charges were dismissed and I was freed. God had miraculously thrown the door to prison open and set me free!

No major form of media to this day, has ever covered the story (newspapers, TV news, talk show hosts, magazines...nothing!). That tree fell without a sound, but for a fact it fell!

I brought a federal lawsuit against my abusers, as they had violated many of my constitutional rights. My famous lawyer learned a lot, when no one came to his press conference on the court house steps and our federal law suit was thrown out as "frivolous".

The media was totally unwilling to cover the story so I formed an organization nationwide to get the word out and through Joint Venture Advertising. We were breaking the media freeze. It got me put into prison with no trial or conviction. They had no time for a trial.

In a landmark unprecedented action the United States Supreme Court, months after it was too late for the State of California to respond to my appeal to them, ordered the State of California to object to my petition. That has never happened before or since in all of the history of the U. S. Supreme Court! I went to prison for 2 years without a trial and un-convicted of any crime to this day.
God was with me in prison. He protected me from two attempts on my life and ultimately provided me with my own machine shop and research lab plus lots of technical experts to teach me physics and science in there. I actually in many ways enjoyed prison. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned for good. Many inmates got saved.

Instead of destroying me, my prison experience provided me with more credibility than ever before. People understood the inequity of it and understood that some very powerful people had gone to extremes to stop what I was doing. It seemed funny that people with all the resources in the world were that scared of a single, uneducated and broke man. Like David, God had given me the skills and knowledge to wield a simple stone into a weapon that could bring down the giant. Once out of prison I began to rebuild.

I ignored offers from billionaires to finance me and proceeded with no additional money to rebuild my dealer network by asking the dealers for any contribution they could make. Old ladies skipped every other meal to donate $50. People gave me old milling machines and motors and tools. Some dealers took their vacation and lived at my house to help build demos and a shop. We re-built from scratch with a great deal of heart and unity of purpose.

When the demo models were complete, I went on a nationwide tour showing the country demonstrations and replacing all the dealers who did not want to go forward. The last show was done in Washington D.C. for the Congress of the United States.

Within 2 years of leaving prison I did a demonstration intended for the Congress and the President of the United States, inviting every government official in D. C. (I have every Senator and member of the House's signature on file.) They all saw the demonstrations either in person or on video.

At the demonstration I proved I could collapse the economy by putting every utility out of business. Senator Wellstone (Congressional Energy Committee) heard my plan to deregulate the grid. I offered a way for the utility companies to work with me, and said that I would assume they did not want to take me up on my offer if they did not deregulate by July of that year (1996). I would then have to go to war with the electric companies, which could collapse the economy. When God tells me to do something, not doing it is not an option.

On the second national tour of demonstrations to announce my plan to deregulate the grid myself, I discovered the Congress had passed legislation with all my requests in it on July 19, 1996.
I vowed to work with the deregulation, and still plan to feed the power grid, though I have proven that electricity can be sent anywhere harmlessly without any wires.

In 1996 I miraculously found Doctor Fischer again and we spent 1997 and 1998 redesigning the Fischer engine to run without my cumbersome heat pump. In 1998 we completed several models of the CO2 Fischer Engine. Over a dozen witnesses watched it run for 24 continuous hours on heat from the air at the ambient temperature in winter conditions. The list is signed and notarized. It was bulky and I think what we are proposing now is better.

Doctor Fischer (holder of 50% of the project involving his engine) was given enough money to buy a Winnebago and he went on vacation to Texas, and has never returned. A letter from his lawyer told us we were (and still are) deadlocked. I had spent a million dollars on the Fischer Engine in 1987 and, basically, suffered greatly for my belief in it and Victor. I spent another million on it in 1997 and '98, and then my good friend deadlocked me.

I know many ways to make free electricity. The amazing thing to me is that most conventional scientists do not know any.

God revealed to me between 1986 and today over 500 revolutionary technologies. In fact, I have a technology to revolutionize just about everything.

I know that the whole concept of free enterprise in America is a lie. The suppression of technical advancements is far worse than anyone can imagine. There's no area of life that cannot be revolutionized. God's creativity for mankind is blocked by dark principalities and only godly men through unity of purpose, and His guidance, can release it!

As in the days of old, God sent prophets and the people killed them. Today, God is sending inventors who are being imprisoned, killed, discredited in the media, and all sorts of injustices, but God will not be mocked!

In research we have been sabotaged, deceived by spies, discredited constantly by the media and the mafia owned BBB, and scourged by critics who have never invested anything into this project, but constantly lie, misquote, and take half truths out of context to make sure we are not believed. Why? One rumor slinging critic claims to be a Christian. It's obvious he has never read the Bible, but it is amazing how many brothers and sisters are deceived.

God showed me the way to overcome all these obstacles through massive public awareness. He gave us the job of getting 1.6 million witnesses signed up to witness 100 public demonstrations (2 in each Republic) of free electricity turned on together on the same day and hour. How could the media ignore that? How could the legal systems of so many different jurisdictions confiscate them all? My self interest group is "The People!"
We have 2,000 dealers nationwide in every state of the USA. We're everywhere! I have no investors and never have. 100% of this has been built with my own (His) money. We have no bank loans and no stock holders. We sell products and services through our dealers wholesale. We are not in the legal jurisdiction of the consumer protection officials. God has shown us how to avoid their dirty tricks.

God told me to offer people free electricity just to come and be witnesses. Public officials are only afraid of mass public awareness. I thought it would be easy to get 16,000 witnesses at each demo location with all their power for life for free as an incentive. It hasn't been.

I believe God is testing the people (including His own people) of this country. They seem to be very "under the ether." I believed they can be woken up with this project.

The media, critics, scientists, public officials (the world system) have had a ball. Their mantra has been, If it sounds too good to be true (like salvation), it probably is!

Thinking it would be easy, I expected that job of recruiting witnesses to be done for the Fischer Engine system in 1998. By 1999 it was not close to being done.

Even the churches rejected our dealers, mostly because of all the stuff in my past (I was abused by the system and that is now my fault.) I was in prison (so was Paul and most of the disciples for their willingness to do God's Will.) I have taken too long to do it (how long does it take to over come the richest people in the world?) Scientists say it is impossible to make free energy and call it a perpetual motion machine (just like heavier than air flight was impossible.) "If God wanted it, it would be easy!" (we have to step out first).

To put an end to this abuse of our dealers I decided in 1999 to go on a nationwide tour again and present the permanent magnet motor to the world for their public testing. We ran a full page ad in USA Today inviting all scientists in the USA to attend any of 47 public demonstrations nationwide and prove us wrong. None did! At 47 out of 47 demonstrations we successfully proved our motor took in 453 watts of electricity from batteries and put out 3.1 horsepower (at 746 watts per horsepower, that's 2,313 watts out.) All those present were welcomed to test our meters and disprove that fact. No one ever did so at these very public, videotaped demonstrations. But for the media, it was as if we never did that!

We were still discredited and the media told people not to go to the shows. We were "exposed" on Good Morning America as frauds although every demonstration was a success. WE WERE NEVER ARRESTED FOR THIS FRAUD! We encountered civil actions from AGs in several states, for sensationalism, but eventually they were all dismissed.
People still refused to believe us. Proving the most efficient motor ever demonstrated was unimportant, but the BBB said, "Did you know the President of the company was in prison?" We had never had a customer complaint. To be a witness was free of charge, but somehow this was a massive con job. Some of the dealers had to sell something to recover their expenses, so that became our motive for fraud. Dealers gave away a chance at free electricity if people bought something from them.

"If we really had it we would demonstrate the finished model," was the public's mantra. The system would love to do to me again what they had done before. "Fool me once..." This seems right to the world, but is really one big snare to catch better mouse traps in. The officials have to PRIVATELY test the device in a lab to tell the dummies if it works or not...

Two years later we were nowhere near our 1.6 million witnesses. So, I went back on tour. God instructed me to go to every state of the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii.) This was not optional. I think He is testing all the people of the United States.

In every state we demonstrated running engines on pickle juice and running them with no exhaust to the environment and not one member of the State EPA or DOE ever came!

We demonstrated our entire line of products and openly condemned the system for the liars they are! We did it with boldness. Attorneys General got court orders to prevent us from selling anything or even giving away free electricity to any of the people of their state. I was sued by a half dozen AGs. I welcome anyone looking into the ridiculous nature of those suits to see the truth of them.

God told me I had to do demonstrations in every state before the year was over. I advertised it this time with a full page ad in Newsweek magazine. We invited all scientists to come with instruments and test our equipment once again. In Kentucky the AG sent an investigator to tell me that if I just loaded my stuff up and got out of the state they would let me go, but otherwise they would arrest me. I had no choice. I got arrested for trying to exercise free speech in Kentucky. I am currently charged criminally there. They thought that would get rid of me. Before the year (2001) was over we came back and did God's demonstrations in Kentucky.

At the 2001 events we demonstrated the most efficient generator that has ever been demonstrated publicly. We proved it is 100% efficient. It converts mechanical energy (horsepower like what our permanent magnet motor produces) to electricity at a 100% conversion. One unit of mechanical energy makes one unit of electrical energy. If our motor uses one unit of electricity to make five units of mechanical energy and that is converted to five units of electricity by this generator, then it is easy to see why I believe the combination would produce five units of electricity from one unit of electricity making the other four free. Supposedly our permanent magnets in our motor cannot be an energy source, because, "magnets do not do work." We also proved conclusively that magnets can do work on this second tour, and have never lost a debate on the subject.
Short of producing the finished product, what more could I show anyone?

This still has not been enough. Faith is in short supply. People (even my Christian brothers and sisters) want to see the finished product to be able to believe. The authorities hope I will be forced into demonstrating the technology without the masses again so they can get a court order to confiscate it, privately test it, report that it does not work, and stop me.

The most interesting thing is that I need the witnesses to be able to do this in a way that it cannot be stopped again. But, people need to see it first before they will agree to come and witness it. If I even claim to have it, I can be stopped (by the same type of corrupt officials I encountered in California) in the name of consumer protection. So, I have not even proven it to myself. I am hoping that the prospect of free electricity for life will offer enough incentive to the people to get their support. God has made it clear that I must get them first.

The dealers are not all well enough off to cover all my expenses to sign people up and develop the computer lists, send confirmations to the witnesses, issue a printed and sequentially numbered registration certificate to them for their free electricity. It is expensive to set up 100 public demonstrations and build, ship, and install the models as well as organize these events nationwide. So, dealers (who have to cover my costs) had to at least sell a product, or add shipping and handling charges for sign ups.

I needed to offer people some "right now" benefits worth the financial support we needed from them. I created a discount buying club with discounts on all our unique money saving products. I also created a benefits program to give them super savings on medical, dental, college funding, their phone service, and gas. No one can argue with the value of joining one of the many clubs offered and then getting the offer to be a witness thrown in for free!

If I do two public demonstrations in every state the state government can only justify confiscating one of the two for private testing and the other one with tens of thousands of witnesses will keep their lab rat honest. The media cannot ignore it this time. Each state is a separate Republic. It only takes one state to get us launched. Any ONE successful demo is all I need.
God even showed me how to fund this entire project if no bank in the world wants to upset the big boys by lending me money for building machines. 16 million machines can supply 150% of the electricity made in this country last year in a manner that puts the power into the hands of the people! I have a plan for putting all 16 million units in place to shut down every fossil fuels or nuclear power plant in the USA within the next five years.

We can supply all of the power without any pollution. I also plan to tithe to God's churches. Imagine if every time anyone turns on a light, they would be contributing to spreading the gospel to the world. And, electricity is just one of the witty inventions God has prepared for His people. In this time of possible war in the Middle East, is it hard to imagine God offering the people of this country energy independence? Is it hard to imagine that the world system (owned by we know who) would try to stop this? Would the devil not resort to the kind of harassment God's servants have endured in this? But we will not be stopped, because we go with God against all odds, but, hopefully with the support of His church.

God even revealed how to fund the entire project without any loans from world banks or other institutions. The witnesses will get in for free, but the other 14,400,000 who will get a chance to become energy independent will have to pay $2,000 each one time for their energy independence. We can use this money to build the first 1.6 million units for our witnesses. We can then use the annual income from selling the electricity to build another unit from each one producing. In this way 1.6 million units becomes 3.2 million. Then 3.2 million becomes 6.4 million. Then 6.4 million becomes 12.8 million.

In the fifth year the rest can easily be built. If we have 16 million units the annual electricity sales could easily provide a tithe to the body of Christ of well over 20 Billion dollars to spread the gospel and fulfill the prophesy we had been given when we started this. But, we also could eliminate all pollution in the production of electricity. In fact, between this technology and the ones that relate to running vehicles without fossil fuel pollution, we could eliminate all forms of pollution in this country within the next five years. A practical solution for this has to have come from God. In fact we also have agriculture products to feed a starving world and free fresh water from the oceans. Third world countries can have energy and low cost housing. To teach a man to fish means he will always eat, but to give him a fish means he will eat once. Our God is powerful, and the other people of the world need to see how powerful!
So, it is time for the church to stand up and be counted. God has sent His messenger with a strong message for the church. Can you discern His Will in this? Is it time for His people to rise up and support this effort? How much more must we endure without the help of our brothers and sisters in Christ? To put together 1.6 million witnesses who can get disconnected from the electric grid and be independent with Jesus Power and Light is a vision for God's people. The opportunity for God's righteous to prosper by stopping the lies, fraud, and deceit of this world system and bring life and the end of pollution is a vision for God's people.

To get it they have to exercise faith. I know the world cannot do that, but can God's people do it? Who are we, saints or sinners? Are we sent of the world or of God? Is there integrity in this? What is there in this for God's people? Is this the type of messenger and the type of message He would send? Is it God's Will that the church merely sit back and wait for the blessing without making any of the difficult decisions? What more is required for us to do than we have already done. When will it be enough to show ourselves approved? We are willing to go forth as long as it is God asking us to. Every word above is true and can be proven. As Jesus said, "His yoke is light." And we are willing to carry it as far and long as He wishes us to, but we could use some help if God puts it on your heart to lend a hand.

Please take the time to check this out and discern the Will of God in this for you and your people, and, if that is to help us, please do so.

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,

Dennis and Alison
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