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Better World Technology's declaration of energy independence from the Department of Energy

We The People Declare Our Independence From The Department of Energy and Other Agencies Not Appointed Directly By We The People, That Survive On The People's Financial Support, Yet Participate in Activities That Subvert The Rights of Free Persons To a Free Enterprise System In This, Our Republic.

This is the unanimous declaration of the below signed individuals and those who hereafter agree with this Declaration...

When in the course of human history, it becomes necessary for the people to override those agencies of government who have not been directly appointed by or approved by We the People, nor operate according to the will of the people, which secretly labor contrary to the interests of the majority of We the People of our united States; the people, even if under great peril, are forced to separate themselves from the authority of such powers that operate against the rights and interests of the people of the land to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitle them. A decent respect for the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes that impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all persons are endowed with certain inalienable rights, and that as well as and very much a part of, the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are the right to express any creativity that would be beneficial to the welfare and betterment of all mankind, the right to attain the highest quality of life and awareness possible, and the right to freely and openly compete with the fruits of their labor, imagination, or revelation in the common marketplace, with an assurance of fairness in such competition. To secure these rights and others, governments and agencies are instituted among people, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

That when any form of government that exercises power over these basic rights of We the People, becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter, abolish, or replace it with new organization, laying its foundation on such principles and objectives that are more consistent with the general welfare, safety, and common interests of the people. It has been well established in the Republic of The united States that when the government consistently abuses and usurps the rights of the people in order to place them under absolute despotism, it is the right and the duty of We the People to throw off such forms of government, and to provide new protections and assurances of their future welfare. Such is now, and has long been, the sufferance and necessity which compel them to alter the form of governance that inhibits the free exercise of these inalienable rights. The history of the Department of Energy, various uniform and individual acts of the Consumer Protection Agencies, and other departments and agencies appointed to power without the vote of the people, that have often exercised more influence over the affairs of We the People than even those Representatives that have been elected by the people, reveals that these have undoubtedly operated, oftentimes, in direct opposition to the interests of We the People, who financially support these agencies. They have repeatedly subverted the best interests of the people while feigning servitude to the very same people they are abusing. To prove this let the facts be candidly presented to the world:

Technologies exist that can eliminate all forms of pollution worldwide, and totally free the united States from any dependence upon foreign countries for its energy supply! Technologies also exist that could revolutionize many fields of endeavor in this country that are vital to the welfare of the public, and that could give industry in this nation a cheap, non polluting energy source that could provide more jobs and prosperity to the people of this land than anything since the last industrial revolution. Yet people are never told about the improvements, and the old industries continue to exploit the trust of We the People while they destroy the environment and bring harm to the people, as well as the land itself, by providing inferior products and services as if there were no alternatives. What would be more appropriate behavior for Consumer Protection Agencies than to protect the interests of the consuming public by doing all they could to encourage new and better alternatives? What more fitting responsibility is there for the Department of Energy than to truthfully alert the public to alternative energy production and promote safe, clean, energy alternatives? But these agencies do not report the truth to the people, and were not elected by or for We the People of this land. These agencies of the government are created by politicians, without the direct consent of the people, and their appointees have been granted power over life and death of the people themselves. The abuses by these agents and agencies are too many to list in their entirety, but in support of this declaration, a brief list of abuses will serve to justify the separation, though it is by no means intended to be comprehensive or all inclusive...

These agencies, in cooperation with the court system, have falsely imprisoned inventors and promoters of inventions for no reason other than that they discovered better ways to do things that were more practical than the already established technologies of the rich and powerful self interests. These public officials, corrupted by the rich self-interest groups, have abused their positions by using their power to protect the interests of the rich minority instead of the welfare of the people whom they were appointed to protect, by quashing competitive. practical innovations, that in many cases are vital to the happiness and welfare of We the People. Many inventors and promoters have been assassinated or imprisoned without the benefit of, or in some cases even the appearance of, due process of law, in order to prevent them from bringing their inventions to the marketplace. Agents who abuse their power are not held responsible for their abuses. Since they are not elected by We the People, they are not required to be accountable to the people for their actions in office, many of which are traitorous and in direct opposition to the welfare and interests of the majority of the people. The people are not even free to waive protection by these tyrants who would force their unlawful and unconstitutional protection on them, which, in truth, is a form of disguised control over the affairs of free persons. These agencies and their appointees, which exist primarily to give Big Government the ability to control free persons, should be abolished. The creation of government agencies and policies should reside in the hands of We the People in matters that so dramatically affect their lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

The Department of Energy, as one such agency, operates in opposition to the welfare of We the People, promoting harmful energy-generating technologies which benefit the Electric Utility Monopolies. It arrogantly promotes dangerous Nuclear Power, and allows acid rain producing coal fired power plants to operate, despite the knowledge that harmless alternatives exist. Together, the Utility and the Department of Energy willfully and knowingly foist harmful energy production upon the people, putting the entire population in harms way, without properly apprising the people of the danger or obtaining their consent. They usurp for themselves broad power over decisions that vitally affect the safety and well being of the people. The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency furthermore pose as experts representing the people's best interests, using that image to give the people the false impression there are no viable alternatives to the abusive energy technologies in use today. They do not serve the people, but are rather the servants of rich self-interests. In a Republic, however, it is We the People who are intended to be served by government. A political agenda that puts the "bottom line" of big corporations ahead of the general safety of the public is not in the best interests of the people. The abuse of power by these "appointed" officials has gotten so out of hand as to have nearly erased any trace of our "free enterprise" system of economics

Therefore, the Undersigned seek to separate themselves from the control of agencies which appear to offer a valid service to We the People, but in fact, serve Big Business at the expense of the people. Our cause for separation is the abusive nature of these agencies which are created, without the consent of the people who are taxed to fund their own abuse; and who have no recourse to this abuse. Un-imagined advancements which would improve the quality of life would come forth naturally if the agencies created to advance them were not actually blocking them. These agencies deliberate in private to decide the fate of the people, without any counsel for or from the people, as if this were not a Republic of, for, and by We the People. These agencies use public funds to promote private interests which conflict with the interests of the people, and they tie up the courts with frivolous legal actions against the people seeking only the betterment of themselves over the people they are sworn to serve. The liberty and property of the people are taken from them through the abuse of the court system, at great expense to all the people of this land, adding insult to the injury. The consistent pattern of abuses reveals the real motivation behind the creation of these agencies and their appointments.

We the People, are moved to this separation for the following reasons:

For abolishing Free Enterprise in these united Republic States - For causing innocent inventors to he kidnapped and held in prison under false pretenses, without due process of law. - For selectively and rigorously prosecuting the people for actions that officials commit daily without prosecution. - For promoting an aristocratic form of oppressive, restrictive, "smoke stack economy", that enriches the few at the expense of the majority, and steals the future of the people. - For willfully and knowingly betraying the trust of We the People of this land.

These agencies and their appointees have brought frivolous criminal and civil actions against people who seek only the betterment of mankind, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them by destroying their finances and property, in order to force them into compliance with their diabolical objectives. They have refused to obey the laws of the land themselves while abusively enforcing them on the general public. They have erected a multitude of new offices, and sent forth swarms of officials to harass the people, and eat out their sustenance. They have threatened, harassed, and even killed, the duly elected representatives of the people who have opposed their many abuses. Judges, acting in favor of these agencies, have willfully and knowingly neglected to fully inform members of juries of their right and duty to determine the fairness of the laws these agents use to selectively prosecute would-be competitors of their rich friends, and in the absence of proper instruction, juries have thus condemned otherwise innocent persons of acts they themselves believed should not be considered a crime. In this manner the people themselves are unwittingly used to participate in these abuses of the laws of the land. They have betrayed the trust of the people and are an affront to the faith accorded them by a civilized and intelligent people. Their true beneficiaries attempt to secure for themselves the lion's share of what they perceive to be limited resources, while God's resources are limitless and are intended to benefit the whole population. These self made autocrats cannot be allowed to continue illegally and amorally suppressing the advancements God gives through creative members of this society for the betterment of all. We are of the belief that the free enterprise system can work if it is unencumbered by this political injustice.

We the People of these united States, assembled in one accord and representing ourselves, and, in our genuine belief, the welfare also of the majority members of the States, as people who are more fully informed of the facts in this matter, therefore, appeal to the Supreme Judge of the world to recognize the rectitude of our intentions. We do hereby solemnly declare, in the name of We the People of this nation who agree with this declaration, these agencies and agents be exposed for the frauds that they are and be turned from their destructive practices. In the case of the Department of Energy, We do hereby resolve that the people's Department of Energy be formed at no cost to the taxpayers, to advance technologies in these Republic States for the betterment of the people and to operate in competition with this travesty appointed by other officials which operates at great financial cost and other even greater burdens to the people of this land. The People's Department of Energy will join with the population of this land in partnership to advance technologies vital to the advancement of the States and welfare of all the people! This is a Declaration of Total Energy Independence for all the people of this land! We are furthermore resolved to make it possible to release every person from the control of centralized power at their own personal option so they have the decision to remain at the risk of control by others or not. We resolve to confront, in open and fair competition, regardless of the risks to our persons, all powerful self interests that would otherwise use these traitorous agents and agencies to block competition in all areas of technology suppression that effect the safety, liberty, and welfare of the population. We further resolve to work with everyone now in business regardless of their past participation in the dirty politic of yesterday in an attempt to try to involve everyone in fair and healthy competition to help all our country persons discover the real value of free enterprise. We resolve to try to use all our ability to reason and any influence we may have with We the People to avoid doing any damage to the infrastructure of these united States and to preserve in tact all businesses that are now part of the economic stability of the economy of these states. We seek not revenge for deeds past done nor repayment, we seek only to create a safe, healthy, and prosperous environment for all our country men and women.

Jeff Otto; Signed this twenty third day of September in the year of our Lord and Saviour Jesus, the Christ, nineteen hundred and ninety six.

The entire complement of signatures are not attached, for obvious reasons...only one of which....the list will never end... How About YOU?

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