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HALO photonic-botanical systems, LifeTime electrostatic air filters, Takara detoxification foot patches & Better World Technologies products

Better World Technologies Products Via The UCSA Co-Op

Authorized dealer for UCS of A Co-Op products

One United Comunity Services of America dealership position available through LTD

All of the products developed and funded by Better World Technologies (BWT) will be marketed exclusively by the 2,000 dealers in the United Community Services of America Co-Op Dealer Network

The Free Electricity program is currently on an indefinite hold

Only the dealers in the network will ever have the rights to distribute these technologies worldwide! The dealers have already been recruited. If you see something (within the sub-domain of "") that you would like to buy, you will have to contact a United Community Services of America Co-Op dealer in order to do so. If you just want information about a product or products on this sub web you will have to contact a UCSA Co-Op dealer to get it. There is no group or entity in the world that is powerful enough to deal directly with Better World Technologies (BWT) on any of these technologies. Please do not waste our time trying to go direct. BWT deals only with the UCSA Co-Op, and the UCSA Co-Op deals only with their member dealers. The Co-Op will never issue another dealership. All 2,000 have already been issued. There will never be anymore than that! If you are interested in getting involved with the distribution of these technologies, you must buy out one of the existing UCSA Co-Op dealership positions. If a UCSA Co-Op dealer in good standing wishes to sell their dealership to anyone else (or to any business entity) they most certainly may.

A notice of caution from UCSA Co-Op to any would be buyers of a UCSA Co-Op dealership position

Let us caution the buyer that you should get official recognition from the UCSA Co-Op of the transaction before giving the seller any money to buy a UCSA Co-Op dealership. The Co-Op will work with the dealers for them to properly sell their dealership positions to others. The price will be whatever the dealer agrees to take for the UCSA Co-Op dealership position. Before buying a dealership, the would be buyer is entitled to receive written confirmation from UCSA Co-Op that the dealership is, indeed, a valid UCSA Co-Op dealership and is in good standing. The dealers have been recently selling their dealerships for as much as 50 times what they sold for when it all began in 1988. Of course, as the companies develop more of a product line the value of these UCSA Co-Op dealerships can be expected to increase.

UCSA Co-Op realizes that the potential for increased value was an attraction for certain of the original dealers. Some of the dealers initially bought multiple dealerships so they could sell one or more of them to get operating capital for the one they decided to work themselves. It is very much in the best interests of UCSA Co-Op to have productive dealership entities rather than inactive dealers that are speculating. It is also good for the project that someone that cannot do much with the opportunity they have be able to sell it to a new owner that intends to move products.

Even if the new owner is speculating themselves, it is the belief that ultimately someone will purchase the dealership with the idea in mind of doing something constructive with it. The more a dealer pays for the opportunity, the more they will have to do with it, so UCSA Co-Op is pleased to see dealers selling the opportunity for a good return to themselves. The Co-Op has nothing to do with a transaction between a dealer wishing to sell his, her, or their dealership to another party, but MUST insist that the new buyer be obligated to the original contract and all modifications to date (qualified prospects may contact Jeff for a copy of the UCSA Co-Op dealer contract). When a person, group of investors, or corporation buys one of these existing dealerships, they are buying a relationship with the UCSA Co-Op. While some of that goes all the way back in time over a decade, we must insist on uniformity in the network. All those who take over a dealership position must also abide by all of the rules and regulations of the project. The selling dealer cannot change the terms and conditions between the company and the new owner of the UCSA Co-Op dealership.

Income potential for Electric Co-Generation (Free Electricity) program alone:

(Please keep in mind, the below scenario pertains only when we are successful)

After the total of 16,000,000 units have been installed in America and Canada the entire world market will be opened up. At the expected output of 30 kWh, 24 X 7 X 365, that is 262,800 kWh per year per unit. Minus the 26,000 kWh homeowner allotment that equals 236,800 kWh available for sale. At a nickel per kWh there is an expected income of $11,840.00 per year, per placement. One half of the income goes to the International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) and one half to the UCSA Co-Op dealer for an expected yearly income to each of $5,920.00. At 2,000 placements that would equal just under 12 million a year to the dealership for the 2,000 North American generator placements alone.

One UCS of A Dealership position still available

His Covenant Ministries has one available dealership position that has been activated in the state of *Arizona. If interested in negotiating with us for this UCS of A dealership position please contact LTD.

*A UCSA Co-Op Dealership must be activated in a US state to purchase product or offer Free Electricity registrations to the public. Once activated, a mailing location or forwarding service such as Mail Boxes Etc. must be maintained in that state.

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