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Why purchase any costly supplements when the HALO photonic-botanical systems will deliver all the nutrients & botanicals your body requires to the cellular level at the speed of light???
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HALO photonic-botanical systems, LifeTime electrostatic air filters, Takara detoxification foot patches & Better World Technologies products

Better World Technologies Products Via The UCSA Co-Op

Authorized dealer for UCS of A Co-Op products

Safe Food with Soni-Grow Organic Nutrient From Better World Technologies

The UCSA Co-Op has even gotten involved in the safe production of food.

IWe are promoting a process to rejuvenate the soil for farmers and a process to eliminate the need for pesticides while growing higher yields and more nutritious produce. There is no longer any need to use toxic chemicals or fertilizers that destroy the soil for farming. We can provide dozens of farmers who are thrilled and no failures of all those who use this totally organic product. Soni-Grow (formerly Sonic Bloom) Information Page

Sixteen Foot Tall Corn Stalks

An organic product called Soni-Grow can make your garden grow without pesticides. It is capable of incredible things like this corn growing 16' tall with ears two feet long that are more nutritious and better tasting.
Sixteen Foot Tall Corn Stalks
Huge Cabbage

This cabbage is not only huge, but it was still being eaten six months later without preservatives. Soni-Grow puts nutrients (since the soil is depleted) directly in the leaves of the plant. Sound makes them receptive.
Huge Cabbage

Huge Pumpkin

This award winning pumpkin, grown with Soni-Grow, weighs twice as much as the man that grew it. Tomato plants are known to grow as many as 500 tomatoes on one plant. The yields are increased as are the crops per year.
Huge Pumpkin

World's Largest Plant

Normally the purple passion plant grows to a length of no more than 18". This indoor plant was grown by Dan Carlson, the inventor of Soni-Grow, to a record length of 1300 ft. It is in the Guinness Book of World Records.
World's Largest Plant
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