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Why purchase any costly supplements when the HALO photonic-botanical systems will deliver all the nutrients & botanicals your body requires to the cellular level at the speed of light???
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HALO photonic-botanical systems, LifeTime electrostatic air filters, Takara detoxification foot patches & Better World Technologies products

Better World Technologies Products Via The UCSA Co-Op

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Better World Technologies Mission Statement

Everybody is constantly talking about building a new world. At Better World Technologies, we do not want a NEW world, we want a BETTER world. Technology is vital to our humanity, community, enlightenment, welfare, comfort, progress, safety, liberty, enjoyment of life, health.. Where would mankind be without the technical advancements of the ages? What society does not look back to previous times and wonder how they got by without their present day technologies? Even societies that want a more simple life use technology.

Sometimes it is the interference of leaders and cohorts that deny the people the advancements they could have. An unenlightened people are more easily controlled, thus the insecurity of some leaders becomes the greatest obstacle to the true progress of their people. This is not leadership. The heroes of progress of the past and now the present are not anxious for progress that may upset their position in the social order of the society they are exploiting.

Well over half of the peoples of the planet are living centuries of development behind the rest. The lack of progress in one part of the globe does effect the welfare of the people in other parts of the globe. Pollution, disease, territorial ambitions, are just a few examples of how interwoven all aspects of humanity truly are, and how dramatically the enlightenment (or lack of it) on the part of one group can effect the welfare of another. The bible states that the truth will set us free. There is to us no greater sin than the deliberate suppression of a technology that could uplift all mankind, especially in favor of the preservation of a technology that is insufficient for the needs of the public (and which may even be harmful to that population).

It is our belief that all creativity comes from God. Man does not invent, he discovers. He is given vision to share with others. To lift them up and improve the world in which we all live. To bring forth the creativity that has been revealed to us by our creator is the ultimate expression of what makes us unique in the creation. To profit by making all those in our society better off than they were is, to us, very honorable. Our pledge is to be strong enough never to suppress and always do all we can to advance a technology that has been revealed by God to those inventors... to never disrespect the creativity of such an inventor... to have the courage to move on with development even if it means we must retool or otherwise restructure our existing ways of exploiting a previous technical advancement of ours... to have the courage to face the suppression of technology by others no matter how powerful they seem to be... to do all that is in our power to help other visionaries that seek primarily to build a better world. We will not deal in fear or dishonor. We will have the character to stand up for the truth, and we are convinced it will, indeed, set us free...
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