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DISCONTINUED-Therma-Guard was designed to control heat exchange between the inside and out side of a building

Therm-A-Guard Ceramic Paint

Therm-A-Guard acts as effectively as 6-8 inches of bat insulation at a fraction of the thickness. The Therma-Guard barrier maintains heat on either surface side of the building and will not allow any penetration.

"Home insulation with a stroke of a brush"

The Therma-Guard application is a two part System. First you put down a Radiant Barrier and then you cover that with either the Therma-Guard interior or exterior finish. UCS of A dealers are Therma-Guard distributors for a global leader in the research and development of ceramic insulating paint, and a unique ceramic insulating additive for paint that adds a thermal heat reflective barrier to any painted surface.

With Therma-Guard ceramic insulating paint and ceramic insulating paint additives, painting is now an "Energy Saving Solution" resulting in lower monthly utility bills and a tremendous improvement in the comfort level of your home or commercial building. Therma-Guard Insulating Paint save you money on your heating and air conditioning bills, helps to preserve our natural resources, and improve the comfort level of your home or business.

Why Therma-Guard? Our connections to, the largest energy efficiency research institute in the United States, and as active members of the American Ceramic Society and SAMPE, the Society For the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, our research associate is provided with up to the minute technological advancements in the fields of energy, chemistry, and the environment which are applied to our insulating paints.

Heating and cooling expenses are rising and will continue to rise, why compromise your comfort when Therma-Guard offers you affordable Thermal Solutions...

Insulating ceramics, what they are, and how they work.

Barrier coat radiant barrier & vapor retardant paint coating is a cost effective boost to conventional home insulation that can save energy and money. Ceramic - aluminum barrier coatings as radiant barrier stops heat from entering or escaping. Until now the only types of radiant barriers available were foil film, metallic plastic film, and metallic "chips". These types of barriers are installed by attaching to the underside of the roof with staples or sprinkled about on top of the fiberglass insulation on the attic floor. There are a few spray-able paint coatings available that are sold as radiant barriers but they all contain volatile solvents which are not only hazardous to the installer but also to the homeowner as the toxic fumes penetrate down through the ceilings and into the interior.

Don't be fooled by the terms "latex base", "water cleanup" as they do not reflect the true chemical makeup of the coating, read the ingredients! Therma-Guard Barrier Coat is the ONLY radiant barrier paint that contains pure metal (aluminum) pigment and NO mineral spirits or other volatile, flammable solvents.

As a Vapor Retardant: You must prevent moisture accumulation, moisture control is a major concern associated with thermal insulation. The warm air inside your house contains water vapor. If this vapor passes into the insulation and condenses, it can cause significant loss of insulating value. If moisture becomes deposited in the building structure, it can cause mold growth, peeling paint, and eventual rotting of structural wood. Vapor retardants are special materials that reduce the passage of water vapor. Vapor retardants should be used in most parts of the country. In colder climates, place the vapor retardant on the warm side, the lived-in side, of the space to be insulated. This location prevents the moisture in the warm indoor air from reaching the insulation. If you live in an area where the climate is predominantly hot and humid, check with a local builder to determine the correct placement or need for a vapor retardant.

More detailed guidance on regional differences in moisture control recommendations can be found in the Moisture Control Handbook published by US Department of Energy. To guard against moisture problems, use Therma-Guard Barrier Coat on interior walls and ceilings and provide adequate ventilation for the house. If you have a crawl space you should spray the underside with Therma-Guard Barrier Coat.

Therma-Guard insulating paint barrier coat features:
  • Low applied cost per square foot (250 - 300 square feet per gallon)
  • Only Therma-Guard Insulating Paint barrier coat offers dual protection: Aluminum pigment blocks radiant heat and, insulating ceramics to further reduce heat transfer by means of conduction.
  • Easily installed using airless or conventional air atomization spray equipment. Can be brushed or rolled
  • Excellent for back priming wood and siding in new construction not only providing a superior radiant barrier but also protection of the wood from rotting due to water intrusion thru cracks and splits in the wood
  • Saves money by lowering heating and cooling cost of operation and wear and tear of the system.
  • Improves efficiency of existing insulation by lowering the temperatures that it is exposed to.
  • An easy way to retrofit existing structures
  • Easily applied to Attic Space, underside of roof decking, side walls and overhead doors in metal buildings, duct work, pipes, interiors of cargo transportation vehicles, barns, storage buildings, animal shelters, grain silos, poultry housing...the applications are endless
  • Due to the high reflectivity of the coating it also helps to increase interior lighting levels which aids in reducing lighting costs.
  • In buildings heated by infrared heaters, wood burning stoves or other radiant heat sources, Therma-Guard Insulating Paint barrier coat greatly improves the efficiency of the heat source reducing fuel and energy costs
  • On interior wall applications Barrier Coat not only provides a barrier to radiated heat but also an aluminum vapor barrier which reduces water vapor transfer through the walls, a real plus for older homes and homes with EIFS wall systems.
  • Therma-Guard barrier coat can be top coated with a decorative conventional wall paint without diminishing its effectiveness
  • Therma-Guard is environmentally friendly!
  • Therma-Guard barrier coat is the ONLY R/B Coating that is VOC Free!
  • No ammonia, no alcohol, no solvents!
  • SAVE money...Do it yourself.
Therm-A-Guard insulating paint frequently asked Q & As
Therm-A-Guard ceramic coating test results

White formula insulating only - no radiant or moisture barrier properties

1 Gallon Pail Therma-Guard White $ 89.95 >>>

5 Gallon Pail Therma-Guard White $ 449.95 >>>
Therm-A-Guard By The GallonTherm-A-Guard 5 Gallon Pail

Also available by the cell packets - mix 1 per gallon of any high quality latex or oil base paint

Additional Cell Packet Information

6 Therm-A-Guard Cell Packets $ 169.95 >>>

24 Therm -A-Guard Cell Packets $ 599.95 >>>
6 Therm-A-Guard Cell Packets24 Therm-A-Guard Cell Packets

Silver formula base coat for the white includes radiant & moisture barrier properties

1 Gallon Pail Therma-Guard Silver $ 119.95 >>>

5 Gallon Pail Therma-Guard Silver $ 549.95 >>>
Therm-A-Guard Silver By The GallonTherm-A-Guard Silver 5 Gallon Pail
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