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Frequent questions we receive concerning our Therma-Guard insulating paint additive

Question: What is the "R" value?
Answer: R-values are measured by testing laboratories who use, ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) procedures. Existing test procedures require that the sample submitted be 1" thick therefore paints and coatings cannot be tested using established test methods. We just do our egg test to prove how effective the barrier is and let our customers draw his or her own conclusions.

Question: Do ceramics keep from breathing?
Answer: A paint coatings ability to breath is known as "Permeability" which is a measurement of the rate that water or vapor will pass through a membrane. Ceramic filled paints do not restrict a paint coatings ability to "breath.

Question: What colors are available?
Answer: Therma Guard is a ready mixed paint and comes to you in a bright white, tintable base only. You can have the paints tinted locally to the color of your choosing in pastel and mid range colors. Our paints will accept all universal tints and this way you can see the exact color you are getting and make any necessary adjustments. Another option is to use TG Cells with your own locally bought paint.

Question: How much paint do I need?
Answer: You can figure that the average spread rate is 250 - 300 sq. ft per U.S. gallon over a fairly smooth surface. If you are painting over popcorn ceilings or rough Spanish style stucco, DOUBLE the amount of paint. Your actual spread rate will vary depending on the surface irregularities, porosity and material loss when mixing.

Question: Do Insulating paints work in the summer & winter months?
Answer: Yes! Heat outside is blocked from transfer to cool walls inside in the summer. The heat inside your home is blocked from escape toward the cold outside air in winter. A paint film of Therma Guard reflective ceramics will help slow this heat transfer in both directions to lower your cooling and heating bills.

Question: What kind of paint can be used over the thermal paint?
Answer: Choose either the flat or the latex, whichever fits your needs. The insulating characteristics of your Therma Guard ceramics are unchanged.

Question: How many coats of paint should I apply?
Answer: Therma Guard is a 2 part system. For best results, 1 coat of the silver radiant/moisture barrier and then 2 coats of white are recommended to insure an even distribution of the ceramics.

Question: Should I use Insulating paint both inside and outside?
Answer: Yes! For the optimum in energy efficiency it is best to use Therma Guard insulating paints both inside and out, however either application alone will increase your energy efficiency. Experience has shown the best value is to place the Therma Guard system on the warmer surface. ie: outside in southern climates and inside in northern climates.

Question: Can I spray paint?
Answer: Yes! Simply remove all filters from your spray equipment (or they will strain out the additive) and use a slightly larger spray tip than normal. Recommended tip sizes are .019 - .025.

Question: Does the paint contain harmful chemicals?
Answer: Therma Guard is free of all volatile chemicals and toxins and is recognized as safe, under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Non-toxic, odor free and environmentally friendly.

Question: Can I paint my attic with Insulating Paint?
Answer: Absolutely! By restricting the amount of heat allowed into your attic you reduce the load on your existing insulation making it more effective.

Question: Can we guarantee your utility bills will be cut by 30%, 40% or even 50%?
Answer: Absolutely not ! Anyone that tells you they can is not telling the truth. The results depend on how many areas of your home you apply the various products to, other considerations include, amount of attic ventilation, amount of air infiltration into your home, type of roofing materials, and on and on. We have several anecdotal statements from satisfied customers we can provide if requested. We can also assure you that for the 30-40 cents /sqft it costs to apply Therma Guard Insulating Paint you will not find a better solution to your high utility bills for that price.

Question: What is the difference between using TG Cells ceramic insulating additive and my paint vs pre-mixed Therma Guard Insulating Paint?
Answer: To better understand the answer to this question you need to understand the basics of paint formulations.
Basic latex paint is nothing more than a pigment, water, a binder to hold it all together and additives which can be added to improve flow and leveling, eliminate bubbles, mildewcides etc.
A paint formulators goals are to insure that
1.) There is sufficient pigment to make the paint cover well
2.) Sufficient binder to hold the pigment to the surface and give it durability and
3.) Enough vehicle, (water in latex paints and solvent in oil base paints) to insure easy flowing and workability.

The finished product is a balanced blend of the three basic ingredients quality depending on type of pigment used, amount of water and type of resin which is why there is quite a spread in paint prices.

TG Cells mixed with your top quality paint should perform equivalently. The main advantage you gain in adding TG Cells to your own paint is the reduced shipping costs and you actually gain a little more coverage area per gallon due to adding a little water. (See next FAQ) But … you should still apply the silver radiant barrier coat first.

Question: How do I mix TG Cells with paint I buy locally ?
Answer: When you add the recommended 32 oz (by volume), 1 gallon package, per gallon to a can of ready mixed paint you are upsetting the balance of pigment vs water that the formulator originally based his "recipe" on. This makes the paint thicker which requires the addition of water in order to insure easy flow and leveling, and you are requiring the binder or resin to hold into place a greater volume of pigment. It sounds pretty bad, but not really. First of all adding 1/2 to 1 pint of water to a gallon of paint is not going to make or break its properties. Ceramics being micro ball bearings will improve flow and leveling. The hard ceramic shell resists dirt pickup and improves durability. NOTE: It is easiest to mix TG Cells with your paint in a 5 gallon bucket with a power stirrer.

Test Results: We took four different brands of medium priced interior wall paints and added 32 oz of Therma Guard ceramic additive, reduced the paints with 1/2 - 1 pint of water to bring back the original viscosity and performed side by side scrub tests to compare the original paint with the ceramic reinforced paint. In each and every case the ceramic filled paint outperformed the original paint !
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