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Each Therma-Guard cell is designed to treat one gallon of high quality oil or latex paint

Question: What is the difference between using TG Cells insulating additive and my paint vs pre-mixed Therma Guard White insulating paint?

Answer: Please see the Therma Guard FAQs sheet for additional explanation of this question.

NOTE 1. Remember that Therma Guard was designed as a 2 part system. Use the silver radiant barrier coat first then the white (or your paint fortified with TG Cells).

NOTE 2. It is easiest to mix TG Cells with your paint in a 5 gallon bucket with a power stirrer.
Advantages of Therma Guard TG Cells Insulating Additive:

Economy 1.) Being lightweight shipping fees are reduced. 2.) No waste, use what you need now and store the remaining ceramic additive for future painting projects.

Convenience : The ceramic additive can be stored indefinitely so it is always on hand for when you have the time to paint.

Versatile : Therma Guard ceramics can be mixed into Any brand or type of paint, coating, mastic, adhesive, or cement base mixture such as stucco mix, tile grout and thin set, plaster, any product that needs improved insulating, sound deadening or increased slip resistance properties.
Advantages of Therma Guard Pre-Mixed insulating paint:

When we formulate a paint from scratch we are able to include a very high percentage of insulating ceramics to our blend with just enough other pigments to insure good covering and hiding power. Number 1 grade titanium is our pigment of choice due to its efficiency in scattering visible light, imparting whiteness, brightness, and high opacity. We minimize the water content and load our formulas with a very high concentration of resins each selected for the what is required of that paints application.

1. Higher concentration of ceramics for increased insulation and durability.
2. A higher percentage of long lasting resin than most other paints.
3. Minimum amount of water.
4. Economical, take the price of a gallon of premium quality paint, add the cost of an additive, the total is generally more than one of our pre-mixed Therma Guard insulating paints which gives you more insulating ceramics per square foot of applied product.
5. Convenience, no mixing, simply open the can and "Brush away your high utility bills"

Whatever your choice, adding TG Cells to your own paint or using Therma Guard pre-mixed insulating paints, the end result is you will be saving money on your heating and cooling bills, reducing sound and providing the painted surface with a durable long lasting ceramic finish.

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6 Therm-A-Guard Cell Packets24 Therm-A-Guard Cell Packets
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