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Magna Clean System From UCS of A Dealers the dealer network for BWT

Magna Clean Laundry System

Formerly known as Lifetime Miracle Magnetic Laundry Balls

Made in the U.S.A.! NOT an Import - unlike other advertised imported laundry products of a similar type!

The truth comes out in the wash!

  • Never buy laundry detergent again in your life!
  • Completely reusable! One package of two laundry balls are fully guaranteed to last a lifetime and even come with a manufactures lifetime warranty.
  • Powerful and Effective! Detergent free cleaning action, economical, environmentally safe and very easy to use.
  • Hypo-Allergenic! Great for infants, children, seniors and people with allergies.
  • Increase life of fabrics! No breakdown of fabrics from harsh chemicals. There will be less lint collected in the filter of your dryer.
Saves the environment, water and money! Extra rinse cycle is not always necessary. You may find that you do not need softeners or static cling removers. This is the 21st century detergent replacement. No toxic chemicals released into the environment or onto your clothes.

Designed to release normal dirt and grime from clothes they will also remove residual detergents, soaps, chemicals, etc. from garments, leaving them cleaner, softer and less prone to static without the use of detergents, soaps, bleaches, or static removers. DO NOT use liquid softeners in the washing machine with the Magnetic Magic Laundry Balls. Actually, once you have used the Magnetic Magic Laundry Balls you will realize that other previously used laundry products are not necessary for you to get the cleanest, softest, most static free garments you have ever had.
How do they work?

The Magna Clean System work under a unique, direct and simple means of water maintenance through application of technologically advanced materials and methods originally developed for NASA's space program. The laundry balls use specially calibrated magnetism to alter the basic nature of water and increase its natural solvency.

When water, or any stream of atoms, enters a powerful magnetic filed, it physically changes in the same way atoms change when run through particle accelerators used by physicists. In effect, the water is ionized. Negatively charged oxygen ions are stripped from stable water molecules and are freed to perform a number of tasks. Among other things, the altered water can dissolve scum lines, help stabilize pH, kill algae and microorganisms, and release stains and odors from fabrics. It also serves to limit cases of eye and skin irritation, improves water solubility, helps reduce corrosion of metal parts in the system by adding needed electrons to the water, and makes the water act soft while retaining acceptable water hardness.

The Magna Clean System is not just ordinary magnets. They are made of unique materials specially calibrated for use in a washing machine. We are able to offer a lifetime warranty only because our closely guarded production methods have been proven to work time and time again. No other product can do what the Magna Clean System can.

The Magna Clean System is guaranteed to perform for as long as you own them. If they fail to work in your lifetime, simply send them back to us and we will repair or replace them. Warranty is voided if the balls are used for any application other than laundry usage or if Warning Notice on reverse has been disregarded. The laundry balls are not a toy. Keep them out of the reach of children. Warranty claims must be accompanied by $6.95 for shipping and handling, and a dated receipt as proof of purchase. Warranty claims must be submitted through the dealer your purchased from.
For optimum results using the Magna Clean System:

IMPORTANT! The Magna Clean System is NOT designed to remove heavy, already set stains that are present in garments prior to first use of product. It is designed primarily to release normal dirt and grime from clothes and will also remove residual detergents, soaps, chemicals, etc. from garments, leaving them cleaner, softer and less prone to static without the use of detergents, soaps, bleaches or static removers. We do not recommend the use of liquid softeners or bleach in the wash with the Magna Clean System during the washing and rinse cycles. If you wish, you can soak garments in diluted bleach outside of the washing machine, and then throw them in the wash with the laundry balls if you want clothes to be exceptionally white. Never soak the Laundry Balls in bleach. This will obviously affect the substantial health and environmental benefits the Magna Clean System offers, but this is the only way bleach should be used. Stain sticks and other like products are suggested for really tough, set in stains. Once you have used the Magna Clean System, you will realize that other previously used laundry products are not necessary to get the cleanest softest, most static-free garments you have ever had after washing.
  • When you are ready to wash, place clothes into the washing machine with enough for a normal wash and place the Magna Clean System on top of the garments. Set the washing machine to whatever setting you normally use and start the machine.
  • Water temperature settings of cold, warm and hot all seem to achieve equally excellent result with the Magna Clean System, though this is up to your personal discretion.
  • The Magna Clean System may remain in the washing machine throughout all cycles.
  • When final cycle is completed (you may decide whether or not to use the rinse cycle) and machine shuts off, remove the Magna Clean System and set them aside to use with the next load of clothes.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. Do not bring the Magna Clean System anywhere near computers, computer disks, cassette or videotapes or anything else that is adversely affected by magnetic fields. If you use bleach with laundry balls, the color of the laundry balls may fade over time. Do not place balls in mouth, throw balls, cut them open, or use them for anything other than their intended purpose of washing clothes. We are not liable for any of the above abuses, and such usage voids the Lifetime Warranty.

The average family spends approximately $10 a month on detergent, the aquatic ecosystem of this planet has been pushed to the brink by our mad dash towards whiter whites. Two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered with water. Only 3% of that water is fresh water and only a small percentage of that is fit for human consumption. The average home contains 25 gallons of hazardous chemicals including formaldehyde, phenolic and chlorine compounds (all found in detergents).

Many ads for detergent talk about the clean smell of the clothes after using their detergent. A nice perfumy smell. This is important. Clean clothes do not smell like perfume. ..perfume smells like perfume. Clean clothes have no odor at all. Many of us walk around in perfume impregnated clothes. Perfumes are chemical compounds known as aromatics. They have a tendency to weave their way into tight spaces like in our bodies and for some of us this spells trouble in the form of environmental sensitivities. Some of those red eyes and runny noses are not because of allergies, but due to the perfume and detergents left behind In our clothes.
Our answer to these problems is the Magna Clean System

Water is a uniquely polar molecule, like a little magnet, and its polar nature allows it to dissolve almost anything. In fact, water is so good at "solving" other materials that it is often called the universal solvent. And being such a good solvent you would expect that water alone could make a good cleaning agent. And you would be right. Only one problem, water sticks together. When you think of water you think of two hydrogen atoms lined to one oxygen molecule. But actually water is more like 20 hydrogen and 10 oxygen.

Back in the 1970's, superstructures of water were both theorized and discovered. The same polar nature that makes water a good solvent causes water to stick to itself and form large superstructures (the problem is magnified in hard water where the superstructures form tightly around calcium or magnesium ions). These large water amalgamations give water unique properties like tremendous surface tension (watch a bug walk across the surface of water) and a great resistance to evaporation. But these superstructures are too large and too preoccupied to be valuable cleaning agents. There is a way to change the actual physical characteristics of water by passing it by focused magnetic fields. Since opposites attract, and water is like a little magnet, passing water through a series of magnetic fields pulls it first one way and then the other. The forces tugging on the individual water molecules will, for a short time, break up the superstructures and create smaller individual water molecules. Some people call this process restructuring. These small, polar water molecules can then slip easily into fabrics, carpets, etc. dissolving and removing dirt and stains without chemicals. It sounds simple and it is, however simply waving a magnet over a cup of water will not create a cup of cleaner water. Researchers have found that the position and strength of the magnets, as well as the size of the magnetic filed is critically important. The result is a virtually indestructible water restructuring device.
"How do I use it?"

Simply throw the balls into your clothes in your washing machine and turn your washer on. Remember, the Magna Clean System replaces detergent. The use of bleaches or additives are optional.

The electrons spend more time around the oxygen and less time around the hydrogen, making it positive. The permanent magnets suspended in the Magna Clean System create a powerful magnetic field that aligns the water molecules (hydrogen in one direction, oxygen in the other). This alignment changes what is called the "surface tension" of the water, causing it to be extremely reduced. The "drops" of water become so small and minute, they can easily penetrate into the fabric. In addition, the polarizing of the water droplets increases its "free-charge", allowing the dirt to be grabbed and easily removed from the garment. When this happens, the water is considered "activated". Along with this process, the minerals and salts suspended in the water become activated into an "ionic" form (charged particles), aiding in the cleaning process.

Why we should not use laundry detergent?
  • Chlorine is a chemical that is frequently added to rid water of excess phosphates and other chemicals found in detergents.
  • Chlorine can kill the friendly intestinal flora that protects the body from harmful pathogens and make important vitamins like vitamin B12.
  • Chlorine can cause skin irritation and digestive disorders and may be a factor in serious diseases.
  • Chlorinated water contains carcinogens, which, when inside cells, may cause mutation of DNA. This can affect areas of the body such as the blood and mother's milk.
History of detergents:

Fifty years ago, Procter and Gamble discovered that chemical technology could change the molecular structure of water with the introduction of the very first laundry detergent, Tide (tm). They understood that you needed to lower the surface tension of the water to allow it to clean better. They did it chemically. We have discovered that you can achieve the same results with magnetic technology using no chemicals whatsoever. The Miracle Magna Clean System changes the molecular structure of water with ionization instead of harsh chemicals. It makes the "water wetter". It absorbs "material" (dirt and soil) and keeps it in suspension until you have used the water. Washing your clothes without the use of harsh detergents is amazing technology The subject of magnetic hydrodynamics is not new, it dates back many centuries (first being used in countries where chemical capabilities for water conditioning were less developed). Patent protection has been applied for. We are not the first to understand the value of a magnetic filed to change the molecular structure of water, but we believe we are the first to do it this way, rather than selling vast volumes of harmful chemicals in lieu of magnetic hydronomics that last forever!
What are the advantages of the Magna Clean System over detergent?
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Color safe
  • Non polluting
  • No rinse cycle needed
  • Non toxic
  • Will not damage fabrics
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No static cling
  • Softens hard water
  • Convenient and economical

Manufactured exclusively for dealers of the UCSA co-Op. UCS of A Co-Op dealers sell directly to the consumer through the dealer network.

You receive two (2) Lifetime Magnetic Laundry Balls and 16 oz of Soil Eradicator with a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime Warranty:

The Magna Clean System is warranted for life to be free from manufacturer's defect. The Magna Clean System is plastic coated magnets that are specially designed and calibrated for use in a washing machine. Under normal use, these magnets will not wear out. (Magnets can become de-magnetized from exposure to excessive heat, excessive force applied, or from de-gaussing). Warranty is voided if product is used for any application other than normal laundry usage, or if any of the warnings mentioned here-in have been disregarded. Contact LTD for warranty claims.
Soil Eradicator addition to the "Magna Clean System" and for separate purchase.

We have progressed another step beyond the Magna Clean System with an addition that will enhance the product.

This product is called the "Soil Eradicator". The Soil Eradicator is a enzyme based liquid that is totally organic and non toxic. It is in no way harmful to the environment. If you use one ounce of the Soil Eradicator with the laundry balls, you will never need any bleach, fabric softener, whiteners, or static cling (in addition to not needing any more detergent). The Soil Eradicator comes in 55 gallon drums, gallon containers and in little 16 ounce trial size now included with the Laundry Balls.

From now on the laundry balls will come in a starter kit that contains two laundry balls and a 16 oz. sample of eradicator. Now, when the customer tries it, they can decide to stay with their own bleaches, softeners, and whiteners that destroy the environment, or they can choose to use this harmless enzyme based product that will even cost them less.

There are 128 ounces in a gallon. That means that if you use the recommended amount of 1 ounce per load, 1 gallon will do 128 loads of laundry. You do not need bleach, fabric softener, or whiteners while using this product with the laundry balls.

The really great part is that this is completely environmentally friendly, as well as being less expensive.

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