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UCS of A dealer Jeff Otto

    United Community Services of America Co-Op the dealer network for Better World Technologies (BWT) section contents

        The Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter - coming soon!
        The Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter technology is now awaiting EPA approval as an authorized catalytic converter replacement.
            Dutchman's WIREC 2008 Press Release for all news agencies
        Mileage calculator - a handy tool to quickly and easily calculate your fuel economy in either miles per gallon (MPG), kilometers per gallon (KPG), or kilometers per liter (KPL) at
        The Alternative, by Dennis Lee
        For those that have ears to hear by Dennis Lee and his wife Alison
        BWT dealer, UCSA Co-Op dealership positions available through LTD
        We the people their Declaration of energy independence
        Products available now through UCSA Co-Op dealers, the dealer network for BWT:
            Our Engine performance products for your ride
                 Thermal Catalyst Cracker frequently asked questions
            UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Our MMPG (More Miles Per gallon) System a minimum 50% increase in your fuel economy guaranteed
            Our no nonsence 100% MMPG System customer satisfaction guarantee
                 More Miles Per Gallon System frequently asked questions
            TF Sealant soil stabilizer is a cost effective for dust control
            Therma-Guard insulating paint superior ceramic insulating paint system
                Therma-Guard cell packets additive
                Therma-Guard frequently asked questions
                Therma-Guard ceramic coating test results
            Miracle Shield clear sealer finish for all applications
                Miracle Shield frequently asked questions
                Miracle Shield Material Safety Data Sheet
            ExxAnt fire ant mound treatment organic solution
                ExxAnt Materials Safety Data Sheet non irritation organic product
            Hydro-Weed organic oil absorbing product
            Insect-A-Shield all natural organic insecticide
            Magna Clean system environment friendly and detergent free laundry
            Soni-Grow plant nutrient with sound organic plant growth enhancer
                More information on Soni-Grow in Adobe PDF format
            Fire Sentry stops stove top fires cold

      The Better World Technologies First Edition Catalogue:
        Contents of Better World Technologies First Edition Catalogue
        History of Better World Technologies
        Mission statement of Better World Technologies
        Advanced engine technology from Better World Technologies including enlarged view of the Brauer engine
        The World's most efficient alternative heat pump
        Free Electricity technology including our ltpc generator
        Hydraulic pressure technologies
        World's most efficient thermal storage (hot box heat storage)
        World's most efficient burners and stoves (water stove burns wood or anything else)
        Unusual combustibles - Brown's Gas weld steel with water from Better World Technologies
        Soni-Grow safe food at organic nutrient
        Superior home building & plastic house products
        Advanced electronic devices including the Tesla rotating generator
        BWT expanded future product line coming from Better World Technologies
        UCSA Co-Op dealer, dealership network

      Register for ITEC's Free Electricity program
            Frequently asked questions of ITEC's Free Electricity program
            Dennis Lee's Kansas State Congress presentation
            We have a plan for Free Electricity to all of "We the people"
            Attorney General agreement on free electricity with the states of Maine & Idaho

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