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World's Most Efficient Thermal Storage From Better World Technologies

We also developed the worlds most efficient thermal storage device. It can hold very high temperatures in small spaces for long periods of time. We can, we call it the Hot Box.

    The Fischer engine runs on heat. No fuel is necessary to power it, but you do need a heat source. The Hot Box absorbs heat through electric Cal-rods or by circulating a heat transfer liquid. The Fischer Generator takes energy out of the air for free at a persons home. They could charge the Hot Box in their car with their Fischer Generator at night while they are sleeping. A special Hot Box model was made for cars as well as other heat storage models. Through special state of the art insulation, the very high temperature heat could remain in the Hot Box all day (or even all week long). By the way, there is another type of engine cycle that BWT makes that can run your car or run an electric generator without exhaust or the need for a condenser. It is called the Sterling Engine Cycle. It runs just on heat. All you need is a heat source. With the Hot Box, your car could also be powered with this engine type. The Sterling engine goes all the way back to the late 1800s. I guess that for want of enough thermal storage capacity, on board your car they burned gasoline... But No More!

Hot Box Demo
Enlarged View
Hot Box Demonstration
<<< Hot Box Demo

This was one of the first demo models of the Hot Box. It uses sand (which has a very high specific heat) and a metal matrix to transfer the heat in and out. We could hold 33,000 BTU's storage per cubic foot...then a record!

Large Commercial Hot Box >>>

We had to build a unit that was pretty large and very cumbersome to store just over 2 million BTU's of heat. There was enough stored energy in one unit to make 2-3,000 gallons of hot water or heat a large building.


Large Commercial Hot Box
Enlarged View
Commercial Hot Box
Improved Commercial Hot Box Model
Enlarged View
Improved Hot Box
<<< Improved Commercial Hot Box Model

We discovered a material that was 9 times the specific heat of sand. So, we could store 300,000 BTU's in one cu. ft. So, we could build the unit much smaller and wiser. This Hot Box is only 3' x 3' x 3' = 9 cu. ft. for 2 MBTU's+.-.

Improved Commercial Hot Box Diagram >>>

To get the heat out of the Hot Box, there is a thermostat in a closed mixing chamber that regulates the transfer of heat to keep the pressures in line. Air is less volatile than liquids to take the heat from the Hot Box below.


Improved Commercial Hot Box Diagram
Enlarged View
Improved Hot Box Diagram
Hot Box for Automobiles
Enlarged View
Hot Box for Autos
<<< Hot Box for Automobiles

The Fischer and Brauer Engines are heat engines. With no gas tank heat has to be stored for power. We can get energy equal to a tank of gas in this rechargeable four pack. There is plenty of room for multiples of storage cylinders. Enough heat storage is possible for one charging a month.


My Plastic Insulation >>>

There is an insulation that beats out everything typically known of today. It is called MY PLASTIC. It is a secret formula, but it works wonders. The inventor coated a piece of combustible material with it and the torch did not burn through.


MY PLASTIC Insulation
Enlarged View
My Plastic Insulation
An Incredible Demonstration of MY PLASTIC
Enlarged View
My Plastic Insulation
egg demonstration
<<< An Incredible Demonstration of MY PLASTIC

In this picture, an ordinary uncooked egg is coated with MY PLASTIC and a burner that is burning 1200 degrees C. This is incredibly hot and ordinarily the egg would be instantly cooked. As an insulator, this is the very best.


The Egg Did Not Even Cook >>>

At 1200 degrees C (over 2,000 degrees F) through a thin coating of MY PLASTIC, the egg held up. When it was cracked with a knife, it has not even begun to cook! If we line our Hot Boxes with this, we could hold them in our hand, and not get burned.


The Egg Did Not Even Cook
Enlarged View
My Plastic Insulation egg not cooked
Sterling Engine Model
Enlarged View
Sterling Engine Model
<<< Sterling Engine Model

The Sterling Engine (late 1800's) uses heat. Heat is applied to the barrel (nose) of the unit and the high pressure air produced through differential pressure rushes to the rear then the spool like affair cools it off.


The Other Side of the Sterling Engine >>>

The pressure of the top barrel causes a piston in the smaller barrel to go back and forth, which drives the wheel around. The rotating wheel is mechanical drive power that could power a generator or even a car.

The Other Side of the Sterling Engine
Enlarged View
another view Sterling Engine

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