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Superior Home Building Products From Better World Technologies

BWT / UCSA Co-Op Will Even Get Into The Home Building Processes


    There is a new construction material that will last over 2,000 years. The home will be completely maintenance free for that entire period. It is easy to build with, indestructible, and very low cost to build higher quality homes than any other product in the world! Plastic lumber and posts can also be made from recycled plastic. Even though plastic is not bio-degradable, who wants to live in a bio-degradable house?

The Low Cost Plastic House
Enlarged View
Plastic Home
<<< The Low Cost Plastic House

A model of the completely plastic home building process. It is indestructible. Two people can lift the roof on. It never needs re-roofing and will not ever leak. This plastic has no off gassing problems and UV rays do not harm it.


Plastic Home on Truck >>>

This truck is pulling up with a complete house on board. Two people can now assemble this entire two bedroom 1300 sq. ft. plastic home in one week, and they do not even need a hammer or any skills. It is like a Lego set.


Plastic House on Truck
Enlarged View
Plastic Home on Truck
Plastic House Factory
Enlarged View
Plastic Home Factory
<<< Plastic House Factory

The plastic homes are built in a factory. Raw materials form the plastic in molds. The walls are insulated and sent to the construction site ready to go. It is even bulletproof. Nothing will damage them for 2,000 years.


Completely Plastic Home >>>

These plastic homes withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and will not burn. They can look like any building style (brick, wood, Stucco, etc.) up to three stories, and can be sold for about one quarter of the cost.


Completely Plastic Home
Enlarged View
Complete Plastic Home
Plastic Benches
Enlarged View
Plastic Benches
<<< Plastic Benches

There are other processes to use plastics. We can use recycled plastic to build permanent benches, farm fences, and retainer walls. There is also a new plastic lumber product that is just like wood (you can saw, cut or nail it).

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