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The Brown's Gas machine from Better World Technologies

Speaking of Burning Unusual Things, BWT Has The Exclusive Rights To All of The USA and Canada

    Imagine being able to burn ordinary water. Believe it or not you can weld metals (including aluminum) with it, braze anything to anything else with it, cut through any thickness steel with it, and even use water to fuel your internal combustion engine with it. The Browns Gas Machine turns ordinary water into a gas and when that gas gets a spark, it immediately reverts back to water. Thus you can desalinate any water into pure drinking water. When the gas makes contact with a spark it implodes (rather than exploding). If a cylinder full of Browns Gas implodes, it creates a vacuum. Through this process of implosion, you can even use the gas to pump water without using any mechanical device.

Brown's Gas Model 250
Expanded View
Small Brown's Gas Welder
<<< The Browns Gas Welder

Believe it or not, you can burn water. This machine separates hydrogen and oxygen from water and mixes them back together stoichiometrically in a new way. Water is HOH, Browns Gas is HHO. You can weld with HHO. It is a pure gas (water).


Brown Gas Balloon >>>

There is a new substance called Browns Gas. This gas is also water. This balloon full of water floats. Browns Gas is found nowhere in nature, and is a manmade substance. UCSA has the exclusive rights for the USA and Canada.


Brown's Gas Balloon
Expanded View
Brown's Gas Balloon
Steel Welded To Brick
Expanded View
Steel Welded to Brick
<<< Steel Welded to Brick (BG)

Dennis Lee, in this frame, holds up a steel rod that has been welded to a brick using a Browns Gas Welder. This is one example of the uniqueness of this as a welder. It can cut, braise, weld, and vaporize almost anything.


Tungsten Sublimated (BG) >>>

The temperature at which Tungsten sublimates is about 13,000 degrees F. That is also the temperature of the surface of the sun. In this picture, we are sublimating Tungsten using a Browns Gas Welder that is burning water to do it.


Tungsten Sublimated
Expanded View
Tungsten Sublimated
Cutting Steel With Water
Expanded View
Cutting Steel with water
<<< Cutting Steel with Water (BG)

Imagine using ordinary water (like the stuff we drink every day) to burn and get temperatures hot enough to cut or weld steel. It will cut even a 3 inch thick steel plate like a butter knife in warm butter, and there is no slag.


Implosion Cycle demonstrated >>>

Browns Gas implodes when a spark is introduced. The cylinder above was filled with gas. A spark was delivered creating an instant vacuum. When air (at one atmosphere) was allowed to fill the vacuum, it lifted 300 pounds of weight a foot in the air. That is three hundred foot pounds using 14.7 psi air at sea level. It will pump water or provide mechanical power for an engine cycle.

Implosion Cycle Demonstration
Expanded View
Implosion Cycle demonstrated

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